Meeting Resistance film 11/12/07

Long Island Veterans for Peace and CAC present
Monday, November 12 at 7:30PM
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Members $9 / Public $12

Reservations Recommended

No Refunds


In Person: Directors Steve Connors and Molly Bingham, producer Daniel J. Chalfen, and Thomas Brinson of Long Island Veterans for Peace

Portion of proceeds will benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War for Truth in Recruiting Project


Meeting Resistance is a non-fiction film set in the streets, alleyways and ubiquitous teashops of the Adhamiya neighborhood of Baghdad. It enters the physical and psychological heart of the “insurgency” against the American occupation. Directors Steve Connors and Molly Bingham spent ten-months among the insurgents to create this unique, horrifying, and insightful film about their lives, motivation, and goals. Meeting Resistance focuses on eight “insurgents,” each with his or her own tale and reasons for opposing the American-led occupation. The film reveals why they have decided to violently oppose the occupation, and hears in their words the ideological foundations to their fight and how and why those have changed over time. Their personal and ideological stories are at once dramatic, eye-opening, and concerning – and they challenge the notion that those opposing the occupation are simply “common criminals,” “Al-Qaeda operatives” and “die-hard Ba’athis.” Directors Steve Connors’ & Molly Bingham’s unsurpassed access makes this film, which has been shown at the US Military Academy at West Point, essential viewing for audiences around the world concerned with understanding of the current situation in Iraq, and with the human condition of resistance. USA/Iraq, 2007, 84 min.

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