Jon Stewart: Nader is today’s Norman Thomas

From Rolling Stone magazine, Nov. 15 issue

Interview with Jon Stewart of the Daily Show:

ROLLING STONE: I read that one of your childhood heroes
was Eugene Debs, the five-time Socialist Party
candidate for president in the early twentieth century.

STEWART: Yeah, baby! Actually, more Norman Thomas.

ROLLING STONE: [Thomas was] a six-time candidate for
president, after Debs, and a founder of the American
Civil Liberties Union. Are there still characters like
that around?

STEWART: Ralph Nader is a character like that. Back in
those days, a guy like Norman Thomas was viewed as a
corroding member of society. But if you look at almost
every aspect of the New Deal, that’s where it came
from. It just had to come through a process of
mainstreaming before it could be accepted.

2 Responses

  1. Norman Thomas and Eugene Debs both inspired Nader.
    My new new book, “What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?” will be published February 12, 2008 (Lincoln’s 199th birthday). The book is available for pre-order at
    It’s going to be a wild election!

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