More Cynthia bashing

from Decatur-Dekalb

Les Kinsolving @ WorldNetDaily thinks the Democrats are silently quite happy Cynthia McKinney has moved on to the Green Party. He documents how Cynthia embarrassed Georgia and DeKalb County, and concludes with:

“Former Rep. McKinney can surely count on strong media coverage – from the very far left, like the Pacifica Network, for Pacifica’s Robert Knight emceed a June 9 McKinney fundraiser in Harlem. (Do many other radio or TV network officials emcee political fundraisers?)

At one point, Mr. Knight announced rhapsodically, “I can’t hardly wait for 2008! Ms. McKinney in 2008, what color is your parachute?”

MCKINNEY: “It’s not red and it’s not blue!”

For which, the Democrats are no doubt (even though silently) profoundly grateful.

While the Republicans are highly amused.”

He is even further wrong about where the section of Memorial Drive is, but that’s just a detail.

The Green Party knows it can’t win. It mainly wants more attention, so it can grow. Cynthia can deliver!

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  1. I agree, Cynthia will be attracting much media due to her name-recognition. If the Greens can gain recognition in the process, isn’t that good? BTW, I will always appreciate what Ralph Nader has done, and he ain’t done yet! :)

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