GP-US Job Posting: 2008 Convention Coordinator by 2/1/08

Job Announcement: Convention Coordinator

The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is seeking a Convention Coordinator to organize the 2008 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention to take place in Chicago, Illinois, July 10-13.

The position begins March 15, 2008, and ends July 18, 2008.

Ideal candidates should have previous Green Party involvement and meeting planning experience. Participation in past national Green meetings is preferred. Local familiarity to Chicago is useful.

Please send cover letter and resume to the Annual National Meeting Committee c/o no later than February 1, 2008.

Description of Responsibilities:

The Coordinator will be the main contact person for local contacts, the hotels and meeting venue, other involved personnel, and vendors.

The Coordinator will be responsible, in collaboration with the ANMC (Annual National Meeting Committee), Illinois Green Party, the GPUS Steering Committee, the Operations Director of GPUS and other GPUS Committees, for coordinating the logistics of the meeting and convention including:

  • Compliance with contracts and insurance policies
  • Registration set up and record keeping
  • Purchase, inventory and distribution of supplies and materials
  • Arranging Audio Visual set-up with venues, committees and other presenters as needed
  • Checking meeting room set-ups
  • Liaison with workshop presenters and venues to make sure all needs are being met
  • Printing and distributing packets and other materials to attendees (maps, schedules, restaurant lists, emergency info)
  • Volunteer Coordination before and during the event
  • Coordination with outside contractors and/or speakers, musicians, vendors and the public
  • Concluding any outstanding business after the event
  • The coordinator will work with the local volunteer pool to delegate tasks such as purchasing supplies, making photocopies, assisting with the registration area, vendor coordination, carpooling etc.
  • Other volunteers from GPUS will also need tasks delegated as they arrive. This skill is essential to the smooth flow of work the week of the meeting.

The ANMC does not discriminate. All are considered based upon experience and willingness to do their best for a successful convention!

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