McKinney: Remarks after 5 years of rallies to an Administration and Congess that hasn’t listened

Hello all!

Yesterday, there were demonstrations for peace all over our country. I participated in San Francisco’s and in Los Angeles’ rallies. That makes 5 years of rallies for me and an Administration and Congress that won’t listen to us. Here are my remarks:

Cynthia McKinney
Los Angeles, March 13
San Francisco, March 19

Our country has been hijacked!

Condoleeza, Dick, and George lied to us and the Congress let them spy on us.

The Democrats in Congress chose to spend $720 million every day and make themselves complicit in war crimes, torture, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the peace.

$720 million a day can feed our hungry children, fund a way home for Katrina survivors, relieve families suffering from predator banks, and pay down on our national debt.

Speaker Pelosi:

Now that race is on the table, introduce legislation to eliminate all the racial disparities that have plagued our country and our communities since slavery.

Speaker Pelosi:

We’re still waiting for a livable wage, single payer health care, students with an education free of exorbitant loans, and a return to the days when our country did good things and the world looked up to us.

Now countries crouch in fear of our next aggression!

Hands off Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador!

Hands off Haiti and Zimbabwe, and No war against Iran!

We want peace and justice now!

We must never give up! We must never give in! And we will use our vote to take our country back!

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