Trinity United Church of Chicago fights back…

Kimberly writes:

Rev. Wright is not the pastor at Trinity Church anymore. Believe he retired shortly before this flap with the Obama situation.

The new pastor and the people at this church are bold and brave. I am so impressed that they are taking this opportunity of scrutiny to share their message of love and concern with the nation. They even posted video and answers to Fox News coverage at their youtube site! Bravo! (The video is of Revered Wright giving a sermon that explains his critique of America.)

I can’t agree with everything in the sermon by Reverend Wright, but it sure is a point of view worth listening to. And, includes a lot of history that Fox News and most white people conveniently forget about.


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  1. But I suppose a liberal left-wing government would not fail?! That is what Rev. Wright would have and that is what Barack Obama will give. I’m tired of all the talk I have been hearing of context. I thought Pastors were suppose to preach from the pulpit about the Bible, not give political history lessons tainted with expletives. I’m also tired of hearing how ignorant the typical white person is about black history. This country has risen above its grave mistakes and that is what makes her great. And don’t forget that the man who set the slaves free was a white Republican.

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