How to support Smith Haven Mall demonstrators

To send financial support for Don Zirkel and Susan McKeon-Steinmann, who were arrested at Smith Haven Mall as they tried to bring the community a message of peace:

Make check out to:
“Long Island Counter Military Recruiting Committee”
Note on the check: “legal fund”
Send to:
South Country Peace Group
PO Box 246 Brookhaven, NY 11719-0246

A message from Dennis Urlaub:

By now most of you are aware of the fact that Susan McKeon-Steinmann and Don Zirkel were arrested on Saturday afternoon inside the Smithhaven Mall in Lake Grove. These two people of conscience were taking a stand against the immoral illegal war in Iraq by marking the occasion of the 4,000th American casualty in Iraq . The walking into the Mall wearing t shirts that stated “4,000 Troops 1 Million Iraqis Dead” & the reading of the names of the American soldiers killed in Iraq were actions in which a couple of dozen people participated. While Susan was taken into custody by police because she continued to read the names after being warned not to, Don was arrested as he sat in the food court having coffee while still wearing the t shirt (the police had issued orders to people in the Mall to take off the t shirts when they were gathered in the middle cross walks). Susan was arrested at this central location as she read the names.

Both Susan and Don were released by the police after a short time & were given summons to appear in Court on May 22. At this point we are not sure what will transpire in Court but there are likely to be fines imposed on these two individuals that were making a stand for the LI peace movement.


A collection of funds is being made for them so that neither of them will have to pay the fines out of their own pocket. I believe this is the very least we can do. Any amount is appreciated. The suggestion was raised that IF more than enough money is raised to cover their fines that a small fund be maintained going forward to help defray the cost of other peace activists who may want to participate in such peaceful actions of disobedience in the future. Please consider sending a small amount in to help.

Checks are to be written out to— Long Island Counter Military Recruiting Committee. They should be sent to: South Country Peace Group PO Box 246 Brookhaven , NY 11719-0246. Please note “legal fund” on the check.

Please be advised that there will be plans to have the LI peace community show up in Court on May 22 as a gesture of support and solidarity when Susan & Don have to appear. Details will be forthcoming, but for now please make a note on your calendar. Thank you for your contributions and support.


Dennis Urlaub
Peace Network

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