New international NVC program–w/ free info-tele-meeting 1/29/09

Do you know about the FACILITATE CHANGE (FC) program?
This 9 month international program is attracting applicants from Berlin, South Africa, and across the US…

  • Would you like ease of connection, understanding, efficiency and effective decision making at your:
    *Church, synagogue, mosque or zendo?
    *Community garden, coop, school & other organizations/groups you’re involved with?
  • Would you like to explore new ways of relating to money, abundance, and how we benefit from human resources?
  • Would you love to see restorative justice circles in your community and a transformation of the “criminal justice” system in the US?
  • And wanting to experience empathy IN ACTION, inter-dependence, community, and shared leadership?
  • Where Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is an integrated part of our jobs, schools, community organizations and every aspect of our lives?
  • And how do we go about creating this world–in practical, live-able, achievable ways?

If these questions invite curiosity or passion for you, you are invited to join the FACILITATE CHANGE program —-and to join us for a free, info meeting about the FC program this Thursday, Jan. 29th at 8pm with three FC trainers Gina Cenciose, Martha Lasley and Dian Killian.

*When:* Thursday, January 29th 8-9 pm ET Via bridge line: Phone- 218.486.1300 and enter the code 750915


The FC program starts April 1st and we are asking all those interested in joining us for 2009 to apply now!

Further details below… and hoping you’ll join us & help spread the word!

Dian Killian, PhD
Director, Brooklyn NVC
CNVC Certified Trainer
Free Info Tele-Meeting about the FC program and financial support

Vision of the Facilitate Change Program
Social Change Projects – Possibilities for applying NVC in the World
Resourcefulness – Strategies for Financial Support
Questions and Answers

Vision of the Facilitate Change Program:
While developing a supportive learning community that deepens our NVC skills, we’ll develop our leadership skills to integrate NVC in the world – in work places, schools, organizations, prisons, etc. We’ll share some highlights from the curriculum, talk about the on-line community and the learning opportunities between retreats.

Social Change Projects:
You don’t have to come into the program with a project! You can develop your project during the program or support other participant’s projects in whatever way you wish. Projects can be big or small – no pressure! We are excited about developing ideas with you and supporting those of you who have a focus. We’re also very excited about you joining us if you want to explore ways to integrate NVC in your world.

We want to explore interdependence and community, how to create abundance, including how we generate support for everyone who’s drawn to participate. We’ll brainstorm ways to generate financial support for travel, room and board, and program fees.

*Note:* If you want to participate in the FC program and are looking for financial support, we ask you join this call — we’re excited about sharing ideas with all of you and hearing yours! We especially want to do this in community, in a way that supports all of us in connecting with our hearts and using our energy and time with efficiency.
Dreaming big and seeking to create a world of interdependence and abundance,

The Facilitate Change Training Team

Dian, Martha, Marc, Henry and Gina

Support the FC and our scholarship & travel fund

When you contribute, mention “FC” so we know how to direct your donation

Thank you for your generous support!

Brooklyn NVC offers organizations, groups and individuals:
· Introductory and advanced courses, workshops and practice groups on NVC
· NVC-based empathy, coaching and counseling
· Mediation services for couples, families and organizations
· Organizational support including staff training, meeting facilitation, needs assessment, conflict resolution, coaching, consulting, and strategic planning
· Leadership Training

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