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Wild conspiracy theory: Who was really behind Power Shift 2009?

Live streaming of the Power Shift/Capitol Climate Action demo against the Capitol coal plant in DC: here.

KW: I thought this one up on Friday before Power Shift 2009. I am publishing it after Power Shift is mostly over. (with the anti-coal demonstration in DC underway.) Didn’t want to burst anyone’s bubble.

Ultimately, I fear that the people behind Power Shift 2009 are simply lobbyists for some kind of energy besides coal. It is clear there is a push for Natural Gas. And, one would guess that the Natural Gas lobby has money and mailing lists. Though, I wonder if the nuclear or other energy lobbies are lurking about? (I am glad that at least some people in town, like NIRS, are taking the time to specifically say “no nuclear.”)

Though, when I realized that one of the centerpieces of the event would be the polite civil disobedience to change the coal plant in D.C. to cleaner energy, then I suddenly realized who might truly be behind Power Shift 2009.

I read, “Stopping the use of coal at the Capitol Power Plant will help local residents breathe easier…”

And, I thought, hmmmm…so this will be very good for the children in the district, because coal pollution can be a problem with childhood asthma. And, then I thought about how happy the mothers in the district would be.

And, then, I realized, there was one mother, new to the district, who might have had enough imagination, organizing skills and clout pull this whole thing off.

Michelle Obama, was Power Shift 2009 and the CD at the coal plant your idea?

I could picture someone as dedicated to her children as Michelle Obama, and as good an organizer as Michelle Obama, making it a personal project to shut down the coal power plant in her new neighborhood.

It’s just a theory. And, there was already a Powers Shift event in 2007. But, I don’t think that incarnation of the project tried to shut down the coal burning plant.

Anyway, “Michelle Obama hidden force behind Power Shift 2009”  is my latest conspiracy theory. Or, perhaps it is just an old wives tale? (I am a fairly old wife.)

There are many people and industries who can profit from the middle-of-the-road message being put forward by Power Shift 2009. So, there doesn’t really have to be such a complicated conspiracy theory. For one, Power Shift 2009 is kissing up to Nancy Pelosi and any number of Democratic officials and Obama administrion folks.

Here is an article in the same flavor of a lot of the articles. (It’s where I found the quote above.) Posted at “All American Patriots” with credit to the Sierra Club.

(As of 10:55am on Monday, March 2nd, it appears that the snow interfered with Pelosi’s plans to address the rally. So, far, they were saying they will still have 2,500 people at the 2pm civil disobedience…though, who knows with this weather.)

6 Responses

  1. stop cooking up conspiracy theories or you’ll cook yourself into one hell of firehole. is’nt your world hot enough already? pick a good cause and start fighting to make the world a brighter, cooler place.

  2. Dear John…

    Are you telling me to fight for a cause???


    Better look at my resume.

    I actually find my playful conspiracy theory to be a pleasant musing on children and the future.

    Sorry you took it so hard.

    Peace and struggle,
    Kimberly Wilder

  3. Does anyone have a count on how many community colleges registered for Powershift09? I need the information for my PR department

  4. […] announced they weren’t going to burn coal in their plant any more.” Oh and recently, a conspiracy theory surfaced: Michelle Obama organized Powershift to rid a coal plant from her […]

  5. oh, laugh out loud.

    there were workshops on the dangers of natural gas and nuclear energy as alternative energies.

    i’m sure the people who worked extraordinarily hard to put this event together would be super pumped to hear someone crediting all their hard work to someone uninvolved.

    • Dear Allyssa,

      Thanks for the information that there were workshops on the dangers of Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy. That is useful info and good to know.

      Usually, people really dedicated to a mission or cause have a sense of humor about who gets credit. And, I would especially think the organizers would, since my post was part humorous.

      In addition, someone put my post on the twitter of “Power Shift 2009”, so that it was on the organization’s front page for a half a day. So, I believe someone there was entertained by what I said.


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