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Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

Life on Earth is profoundly affected by the planet’s climate. Explore some of the ecological impacts of climate change that have already been observed—right in your own backyard.  Here’s a straightforward science-based set of presentation slides on why Congress needs to act this year on Climate legislation.

Powerpoint Presentation Modules on Ecological Impacts

These Powerpoint presentation modules were developed to assist educators, museum docents, and other interested parties in sharing information about the ecological impacts of climate change.

Presentations can be personalized to your geographic region. For your convenience, presenter notes are embedded in the Powerpoint files.  (If you prefer, you may download the Full Presentation (5.9 MB) including all geographic regions.)

Step 1: Download Introductory Powerpoint Slides (5.8 MB)

Step 2: Download Powerpoint Slides for Your Region

Step 3: Download Conclusion Powerpoint Slides (335 KB)

Step 4: Combine Powerpoint Slides into a Single Presentation and Enjoy!

This 28-page booklet is based on Ecological Impacts of Climate Change (2009), a report by an independent panel of experts convened by the National Research Council. It explains general themes about the ecological consequences of climate change and identifies examples of ecological changes across the United States .

Explore Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Online at: Introduction

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