Matt Reichel Launches 2010 Congressional Campaign

Matt Reichel launches 5th District Congressional Candidacy; Takes on Machine.

Green Party activist, Matt Reichel, who won 7% of the vote in the recent special election to replace Rahm Emanuel in Illinois’s 5th Congressional district, has launched his campaign for the same seat in 2010.

On his chances for success, Reichel says: “Building from scratch, we won 7% of the vote in just five weeks. Imagine what we can do with fifteen months between now and next November. Congressman Mike Quigley might outspend us fifty-to-one, but we are going to knock on every last door in this district and inspire people to join this grassroots movement for a more just, free and equitable America. The Greens are on the scene in Illinois, and no amount of corporate support for the parties of Wall Street is going to hold us back.”

Reichel has announced that his campaign manager will be long-time friend and fellow activist, Tom West. West has worked in grassroots politics for twenty years with various organizations, including Greenpeace, Citizens for a Better Environment, and Peace Action (where the two met).

Petitioning begins on August 4th for next year’s elections. As such, the Committee to Elect Matt Reichel 2010 will hold its first meeting the evening prior, August 3rd, 7pm, at Daily Bar and Grill, 4560 N. Lincoln.

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