LICSN: Maasai Climate Presentations coming to Long Island/Northeast!

For educators, this is a wonderful opportunity! Please direct your questions to Francis Ole Sakuda (email below).  (If you schedule a presentation, please let me know!)


Proposed Presentation for your College & High School

Climate of Crisis: Maasai Strategies for Combating Hunger and Drought in East Africa

“The hungry in East Africa are rarely found in the big towns. They are usually nomadic tribesmen who, against all odds, maintain their traditional ways of life, walking their animals through the semiarid lands no one else has any use for.” Leaders from the Maasai are travelling to Long Island & the Northeast September 18 to October 18. They would like to meet with High School and College audiences to explain Maasai cultural practices and the rapid environmental changes they confront today.

Other Presentation Topics:

· Maasai traditional songs & storytelling

· Peace and conflict resolution, including demonstration of a Maasai peace ceremony

· Oral history, including the origin of the pastoral way of life

· Role of women in Maasai Culture

· Maasai leadership and political structure

Francis Ole Sakuda

All presentations and performances, including a question and answer discussion, typically last for an hour and a half.

For additional information on costs and logistics, please contact, Francis Ole Sakuda

Francis has an M.A. in International relations.

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