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Link to PeaceSmiths web-page with event photos: here.

Some updates from Ian:

Ok, I’ve seen lots of great music (and poetry) over the last few days.  We have tons of video from today, which we’ll be posting over, um, the next month.  (And I must apologize to Kimberly again for messing up a video of Rich Stein‘s song in 3 movements.) [KW writes – you can’t apologize enough. The piece was mind-blowing. Thankfully, JP got it on video.] Ian continues…

  • Tet Offensive Friday Night at Sidewalk Cafe performing for Welcome to Boog City ( 5 day Festival) Brian promised to have youtubes up which I will re-post.
  • Mark Yodice at PeaceSmiths Fundraiser Saturday evening is working on a new album.  Mark groks the guitar like Stephen Hawking does for physics.  Mark makes the best use of a ball point pen since McGyver.  You have to see the video when we get it out.   He handed out a 3-song EP tonight.  All three songs were produced by Phil Jimenez of Easy Anthems. Will report on it.
  • Easy Anthems at PeaceSmiths Fundraiser Saturday evening who are in process of releasing a new album.  [The band is also in the Process of being re-named Analia and Easy Anthems. (sp?)  Maybe not, but you’ll understand when we get the video up.]  Spoiler alert for the soon-to-be-released video:  I fear the Jordan River curse since Phil and Vanessa ended their set with a drum circle, something they haven’t done since 10 years ago when Ki & I booked their last show at Sundays at 7.
  • Brian Sendrowitz at the Cup Coffeehouse benefit for a new PA system.  Brian is also working on a new album. If you know how much I love Brian’s music, you’ll understand how excited I am.  His first album is definitely in my perfect album list.  Heck, his first album was produced by Phil Jimenez and had a Nader-LaDuke sticker on his guitar case picture how much cooler could you get.
  • Alan Semerdjian was the impresario of the Cup evening and I caught him doing 2 songs.  I loved the one called Bad Dreams from his new album the Big Beauty whicvh he handed out copies of tonite.  Report to follow.  Some of the tracks were co-produced by Phil Jimenez (do you see a theme here?)
  • Easy Anthems again at the Cup. I missed the set with Analia because I was still cleaning up at PeaceSmiths.  She was sleeping by time I caught their last set of the evening.

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