GP NYC Mayor cand Rev. Billy Talen at Stella D’Oro protest

from the Village Voice:

Despite the venomous words for the system, a few in politics like Green party mayoral candidate Rev. Billy and two Bronx assemblymen joined the rally. In his white suit and satirical clerical collar, Rev. Billy chastised Brynwood Partners for the firm’s imminent sale to Lance, Inc. “They’re stripping the logo, stealing the equipment, taking it to Ohio where they don’t have a union,” he said. “It is union-busting pure and simple.”  He marched alongside workers of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Local 50 and vowed to support them in any way possible. It is unclear what could be done to spare the 130 workers — who engaged in a protracted fight with the company over contract — from unemployment in the throes of a recession, but many, like Rev. Billy, believed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg possessed the power to prevent Connecticut-based Brynwood Partners from leaving their venture in New York City…

“Bloomberg could step in in a minute and protect these people,” he emphatically said, his trademark quaff of hair bouncing with the pronouncement. “He is a Republican billionaire and he doesn’t like worker movements. He never has. He only deals with unions that really, like the teacher’s union, have him trapped otherwise Bloomberg Inc. is not a union house.”

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