No Games Chicago Tom Tresser collecting signatures to run on the Green Party line.

Tom Tresser, the man who headed No Games Chicago (opposed to Chicago’s bid for the Olympic Games), announced over the weekend that he’s running for Olympic Games President as a Green.

The Cook County Board’s current president is the inept Todd Stroger (a Democrat), who inherited the position from his father. If Tresser gets on the ballot, he’ll have a very good shot at winning. A Chicago Tribune poll in August showed that Stroger had an approval rating of 10%…by comparison, ousted former Gov. Rod Blagojevich had an approval rating of 13%. However, the Democratic Machine appears to be closing ranks around Stroger, despite his lack of popularity among voters.
The hard part for Tresser will be getting on the ballot. He has to collect 832 valid signatures (so, upwards to 2000 to survive a challenge) in two weeks.
Tom Tresser’s Web Site:
Tribune poll:

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  1. Hi – I need YOUR help to get on the ballot.

    Will you help me get on the ballot by passing this message to your network. They can join the “Tom 2010” group at
    I need help circulating petitions. The deadline is November 2.

    People can email me at

    I’ll be hanging at the Border’s Café, North/Halsted Wed, Oct. 21, from 7pm to 9pm, Stop by and watch a slide show on the No Games Chicago saga “Battle for the Bid” (with stirring music) on my laptop!

    Tom Tresser

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