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John Ford (of The Strawbs & Hudson Ford) 11/28/09 & more

Fans and Future Fans of The Song Box:   I had a computer crash, so this Email is being sent out to an older list. If you asked to be removed, you may have to ask again.  Additions amy have to ask again to be added.  RdeBruin@OptonLine.net ..   The Song Box Tenth Season! Now in Seaford John Ford (of The Strawbs & Hudson Ford)
Fourth Saturday, November 28 at 8pm In Seaford this month!

$10 donation for performer, + voluntary optional donation for Song Box expenses + Canned goods for needy. Please bring some food and beverage to share at the break!  A pot-luck buffet is served during the break between performers – bring something if you’re feeling creative!

Please make advance reservations by sending an email to songbox@optonline.net. You will be sent a confirmation and directions via return email. If you have no Email make reservations at 516-579-5365

More complete information is given below.

You are on my list if you asked to be; if you are on the old Song Box list; if I knew you directly and had your Email address; if you were copied in music related Email that I received when I started the Emailings; if you have a public music related Email address; or due to my poor typing skills or other mistakes.

If you would like me to not send anymore you can reply to this Email or send me an Email at rdebruin@suffolk.lib.ny.us or rdebruin@optonline.net and say please remove your email name from the list. You should be sure that the email contains the email address that receives The Song Box Email, as the sender or in the text. You can also copy rdebruin@suffolk.lib.ny.us or rdebruin@optonline.net into the address line of a new email and ask to be removed.

I try to process removal requests promptly, but I can make mistakes.

I have put information about some other events at the end of this Email!

Thank you for your support of the Artists and The Song Box for the Tenth season.

I look forward to seeing you at The Song Box, this month in Seaford

Yours Truly,

Richard de Bruin

rdebruin@suffolk.lib.ny.us or RdeBruin@OptonLine.net


The Song Box Tenth  Season! Now in Seaford

John Ford (of The Strawbs & Hudson Ford)

John Ford (of The Strawbs & Hudson Ford) http://www.johnfordmusic.net/index_main.htm

The dynamics and versatility of John Ford’s musical talent run the gamut from the London folk clubs to large scale international rock venues of the British Invasion in the 60s-70’s-80s, and now into the 21st Century. Early projects include The Five Proud Walkers, where John got his start. He had his first major label signing with Parlophone/EMI, an,3444d had an English pop hit at age 16. Later, John caught Strawbs leader Dave Cousins’ eye during a performance at Dave’s folk club in Hounslow, and he joined the Strawbs in May 1970.

He is probably best known for his work with The Strawbs as they made the transition from folk music to progressive art rock. He appeared on four of the groups best known albums “Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios”, “From the Witchwood”, “Bursting at the Seams”, and “Grave New World”. John wrote a number of songs for the group, including “Part of the Union” – their biggest chart hit.

A few years later, John Ford and Richard Hudson left the Strawbs and formed Hudson Ford. The duo recorded four well-received albums and had a number of top 10 hits. After a few other projects (including The Monks and High Society), he began a solo career and moved to the U.S. In addition to touring and recording a number of albums as a solo artist, John still occasionally performs with The Strawbs. He has also toured and recorded with Blackmore’s Night – guitarist Ritchie Blackmore’s ongoing acoustic English folk music project.

John Ford’s currently a Long Island resident, and we’re happy to be able to have him perform at The Song Box. John will be presenting an evening of progressive folk/rock music from all stages of his career spanning the past 40 years, along with some great new original songs. John will be performing the first set solo, and the second set with an acoustic/unplugged-style backing band.


Fourth Saturday, November 28 at 8 PM

$10 donation for performer + voluntary optional donation for Song Box expenses + Canned goods for needy

A pot-luck buffet is served during the break between performers – bring something if you’re feeling creative

The Song Box

The finest regional and local performers with some national performers

Folk music, singer songwriter Performances in a cozy stage setting

“Ah, the Song Box; this has got to be the best venue on Long Island to see anyone.” Amy’s music info 6-21-05 (Now Gary’s Long Island Concert Notes LIConcertNotes@optonline.net)

The only regularly scheduled Long Island house concert featured by Robbie Woliver, LI Section, New York Times, 8-5-01

“One of the most remarkable efforts…” Sonny Meadows, Folk U., Aural Fix, July 2001

“…playing underground gigs like this Saturday’s, at a private house in Seaford whose location is not being announced publicly.” Rafer Guzmán, Newsday 9-27-07


This month’s show is being held in a recording studio at a private residence in Seaford, Long Island (South Shore Nassau County). Seating is limited.  Please make advance reservations by sending an email to songbox@optonline.net.  You will be sent a confirmation and directions via return email.  If you have no Email make reservations at 516-579-5365


The Song Box in Seaford

Fourth Saturday Fall 2009 Song Box Tenth Season (Since we changed to summer breaks, I think this is the Eleventh Season!)

+ Fourth Sat Nov 28 John Ford (of The Strawbs & Hudson Ford) + Merry Christmas! & Happy Holidays! + Fourth Sat Jan 24, 2010 + Fourth Sat Feb 27 + Fourth Sat Apr 24 + Fourth Sat May 22 + Check Jun 26

Watch for Winter/Spring 2010 shows!

Concert reservations songbox@optonline.net 516-579-5365

To receive or stop Song Box & LI Folk Music Email rdebruin@suffolk.lib.ny.us  RdeBruin@OptonLine.net

———————– The Song Box has brought the donated food to Island Harvest www.islandharvest.org Mineols 516-294-8528, (Uniondale 516-805-4786 & Holbrook 516-805-4783); the Inter-Fath Nutritional Network, INN www.the-inn.org Hempstead (516) 486-8506; and Huntington based groups.

Many of the venues listted below also have food collection.  I have indicated those that I am sure collect food.  Bring a can or other nonperishable food when you go to them!

“Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.’ Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?’ The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ ” Matthew 25:34-40


To receive or stop Song Box & LI Folk Music Email rdebruin@suffolk.lib.ny.us  RdeBruin@OptonLine.net


Mon Nov. 30 World March for Peace and Nonviolence Long Island/NYC event. Local Facebook group for World March for Peace events: .http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=75745675955&ref=mf The World March for Peace and Nonviolence www.worldmarchusa.net will be in NYC on Monday, November 30th. Long Islanders will be joining the marchers in Brooklyn.  Long Island Peace Groups, coordinated by Pax Christi, will be organizing vans, and also gathering folks on the train. Van info at next, LIRR info at bottom.

Van Info To reserve a spot on a van, please contact George (Another George) as soon as possible. George’s # is: 516-249-7517  Two vans will be picking up Long Islanders to participate.The vans are for those who will not be walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Pick up points will be the LIE Park & Rides Exit 58 Old Nichols Rd at 10am and Exit 36 Christopher Morley Park at 10:45 am. The vans will be meeting with others at Brooklyn Borough Hall at 1pm and then onto City Hall for a rally at 3pm.   One van will go back to Long Island after this rally.  The second van will stay in NYC to participate in events at Riverside Church at 7pm. More info on these events will be forthcoming Please be advised that a ticket charge might be involved for Riverside Church event.  There is a  cost  Your prompt reply to this email is of utmost importance for the organizing of these vans. If you are interested in taking a van, please call George at 516-249-7517 at your earliest convenience. Please respond to George even if you have signed up for the van previously.

Train Info  To take a train: There will also be trains going into Brooklyn to meet with the World Marchers and NYC participants. A LI WPM representative will be at each station to meet you. Please sit in the first car of the train. Marchers will be met at Flatbush Ave. and proceed to Brooklyn Borough Hall where a march over the Brooklyn Bridge at 1pm will commence to City Hall for a rally at 3pm. We are waiting on information regarding events to take place at Riverside Church at 7pm.  Train schedule: Leave Babylon: 10:19 AM (arrive Flatbush Ave. 11:33 AM); Leave Wantagh: 10:41 AM; Leave Baldwin: 10:51 AM; Leave Ronkonkoma: 10:08 AM; Leave Huntington: 10:04 AM; Leave Hempstead: 10:11 AM (arrive Flatbush Ave., 11:03 AM); If you are interested in taking a train and need additional information, please call Karen at 631-875-8647 or email rksrc2001@yahoo.com

Activist Hotline: (631) 798-0778 Photos, archives and more at the web-site: www.peacesmiths.org


For information on other events (Copy links into Browser, if required, since some may not function) Many venues take the summer or holiday seasons off)

Fordham U WFUV 90.7FM www.WFUV.org

Stony Brook U WUSB 90.1FM www.WUSB.org www.WUSB.FM

WSHU 91.1FM or 91.3FM + others www.WSHU.org

WPKN 89.5FM www.WPKN.org

Gary’s LIConcertNotes@optonline.net frequent and quite inclusive LI Listings! If you do not receive Long Island Concert Notes you should send your Email address to Gary.

Updated Listings & Info! Includes Lots of Long Island listings Mike & Glen’s www.AcousticMusicScene.com

Some LI listings + NYC + the region Acoustic Live www.AcousticLive.com

To receive or stop The Song Box & LI Folk Music Email RdeBruin@Suffolk.lib.ny.us

You should always check with the venue for changes, my mistakes and weather

Check Now Every Wed again 8p Acoustic Long Island at Deepwells Mansion www.AcousticLongIsland.com Open Mike +  outdoor Summer Concert!

Check First Fri Island Songwriters Showcase Syosset Showcase www.IslandSongWriters.org w/ open mic 8pm Borders Books Syosset Hosts Bill Ryan & Vinny Crici

First Fri Peacesmiths Coffehouse www.peacesmiths.org First United Methodist Church of Amityville, 25 Broadway/rt110 (Southmost end near Merrick Rd/Montauk hwy)  (631) 798-0778 w/ open mic

Usually First Fri Garden Stage Concerts www.gardenstage.com Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau www.uuccn.org 223 Stewart Ave @N/W Corner Nassau Blvd, Garden City, NY 516-248-8855

First Sat 7:30p First Saturday Concert, Folk Music Society of Huntington www.FMSHNY.org 631-425-2925 (usually w/ open mic) Congregational Church of Huntington, 30 Washington Dr, Centerport  + Dec 5 Jug Addicts + outdoor Free Summer Concert/Festival Huntington’s Heckscher Park (Church Collects Food)

Usually Sun afternoons 2p The University Café www.UniversityCafe.org Stony Brook Union Building, Stony Brook University 631-632-1093 SundayStreetWUSB@aol.com Host Charlie Backfish, Sunday Street Radio Sunday morning 9-11:30am WUSB FM90.1 www.wusb.fm + Special Fri Nov 20 Dala (Amanda Walther & Sheila Carabine) 8pm + Sun Nov 29 Ellis Paul 2pm + Sun Dec 6 An afternoon with Elliott Murphy 2pm + Sun Dec 13 The Pines

Second Thurs 7:30pm Second Thursday Concert Series, Babylon Village Arts Council, Astoria Federal Savings Bank, 180 West Main Street , Babylon 631- 661-1278 free

Second Fri 8pm The Grounds & Sounds Café http://groundsandsounds.uufsb.org Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook, 380 Nicolls Rd, Setauket 631-751-0297 (North of Rt 347 Near Stony Brook U ) w/ open mic

Second Sat 7:30pm Eclectic Café www.EclecticCafe.org 631- 661-1278 w/ open mic The Unitarian Universalist Society of South Suffolk, 28 Brentwood Rd, Bay Shore  + Jan 9, 2010 The East River String Band &TBA

Usually Second Sat Homegrown Music Cafe www.homegrownmusiccafe.com. St Gerard Majella Church, 300 Terryville Rd, Port Jefferson Station NY Just South of Rt 347

Usually First Thurs 7:30 pm Live in the Lobby at the Patchogue Theatre www.liveinthelobby.org 71 East Main Street, Patchogue.+ Special Sun Nov 1 Katie Pearlman Band CD Release Party 7pm + Sat Nov 21 starting at 12 Noon the Second Patchogue Folk Festival Live in the Lobby: Caroline Doctorow, Johnnie Lee Jordan, Claudia Jacobs, James O’Malley, Hank Stone, Nina Et Cetera, Jay Scott, Johnny Cuomo and Miles to Dayton in a FREE special edition of Live in the Lobby sponsored by Blue Point Brewery. Then, come back for featuring Judy Collins, Susan Werner and John Gorka Live on the Main Stage at 7pm (tickets on sale now) + Dec 10 Love in the Lobby The John Brzoza Band in Concert featuring Jessie Haynes & Friends 6th Annual Toys for Tots Join The John Brzoza Band, Jessie Haynes, Jordan Hope, Satchel Boogie and more in an evening of local original music for a great cause!

Third Fri 8p Our Times Coffeehouse www.ourtimescoffeehouse.org Ethical Humanist Society, 38 Old Country Road, Garden City, NY 516-541-1066   (Collects Food) + Third Fri Nov 20 Greg Greenway http://greggreenway.com/Merry Christmas! & Happy Holidays! + Third Fri Jan 15, 2010 Bill Staines + Third Fri Feb 19 + Third Fri Mar 19 + Third Fri Apr 16 + Third Fri May 21 + Usually Second Fri Jun 11

This coming weekend Sheila Sheffeld in Driving Miss Daisy for Plaza Productions . Frank DiSpigno directs & plays Boolie, Fred Bowen is Hoke. She ages from 72 to 97! + Fri Nov 20 Paul Bellew Elementary School 7:30pm, West Islip + Sat Nov 21 West Hempstead High School 7:30pm, W. Hempstead + Sun Nov 22 Middle Country Library 2pm, Selden (this one open only to residents). More dates to come in January.

To receive or stop Song Box & LI Folk Music Email rdebruin@suffolk.lib.ny.us or rdebruin@optonline.net

Third Sat 8p Hard Luck Café, Folk Music Society of Huntington www.FMSHNY.org 631- 661-1278 w/ open mic Congregational Church of Huntington, 30 Washington Dr, Centerport  (Church Collects Food) + Nov 21 Angelo M & Meg Braun + Dec 19 Caroline Doctorow & Susan Kane

Fourth Fri Pagan Place Concerts, South Huntington 8pm 631-470-4317

Fourth Sat 8p The Song Box Concert reservations & George’s The Song Box Emailings (With color pictures) songbox@optonline.net 516-579-5365 Seaford    (Collects Food) + Fourth Sat Nov 28 John Ford (of The Strawbs & Hudson Ford)   + Merry Christmas! & Happy Holidays! + Fourth Sat Jan 24, 2010 + Fourth Sat Feb 27 + Fourth Sat Apr 24 + Fourth Sat May 22 + Check Fourth Sat Jun 26 Watch for Winter/Spring 2010 shows!

Usually Fourth/Last Sat 8p.Soul Growth 4soulgrowth@gmail.com w/ open mic. Body Awareness Studio, 50 W Montauk Hwy, Lindenhurst 631-957-4692

Fourth/Last Sat The Last Licks Café www.lastlickscafe.org w/ open mic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington, 109 Browns Road, Huntington Advance tickets http://brownpapertickets.com/ + Nov 28 Maria Fairchild Bring new toy for donation + Dec 26 The Stoop Kids

Usually? Brookhaven National Laboratory Music Club 631-344-3846. www.ticketweb.com or at door, Photo ID, William Floyd Parkway (County Rd 46), one-and-a-half miles North of Exit 68 LIE +

Fri & Sat every weekend 8p Samantha’s Lil Bit Of Heaven 287 Larkfield Road, East Northport Check Christian music type, comedy  www.SamanthasLilBitofHeavenorg 631-262-1212

To receive or stop The Song Box & LI Folk Music Email RdeBruin@OptonLine.net RdeBruin@Suffolk.lib.ny.us

Long Island Traditional Music Association, LITMA www.LITMA.org Ocassional Concerts + frequent Contradance, English Country Dance, Family Dance, Shape Note Singing, LITMA Orchestra + Lots more

Finch Mountain House Concert 631-661-1278 FinchConcert@yahoo.com Reservations, Babylon + Sun Nov 22 Susan Werner, Julia Joseph opening  Sold Out!  2-pm Pot Luck Supper 3pm Concert +   Sometimes Fri Evening Pot luck supper 7pm Concert 8pm. Please bring something to share

The Defibrillators Soon At A Library Near You + Fri Nov 20 Port Washington Public Library www.pwpl.org, One Library Drive Port Washington NY, 516-883-4400, @7:30pm day, Free  Sun Nov 29 Montclair Public Library www.montlib.com, 50 South Fullerton Avenue Montclair, NJ 973.744.0500 @2pm Free  + Fri Dec 11 Plainview Library www.nassaulibrary.org/plainv/, 999 Old Country Road, 516-938-0077, @7pm Free LI Center for Inquiry Event, + Sun Dec 13 Gold Coast Library www.goldcoastlibrary.org/, performance at the American Legion Post, 336, 190 Glen Head Road, Glen Head, N.Y., 516-759-8300, @3pm Free see library newsletter on web site.  + Sun Apr 18, 2010 West Babylon Public Library wbab.suffolk.lib.ny.us/ , @ 2pm Free 211 Route 109,

Various Sun Folk Jams, Sing Alongs, Folk Music Society of Huntington www.FMSHNY.org Check www.groups.yahoo.com/group/LIfolkies Larry Lewitt LLewitt@yahoo.com 1-5pm At the Huntington Library, Main St, just East of Woodbury Rd, Closing Weather info Huntington Library 631-427-5165 + Sun Nov 22

The Folk-Groovin’ Café Host Jim Frazzitta, 8pm St Lawrence of Canterbury Church’s Performance Center, 655 Old Country Rd., Dix HIlls [3/10 mile West of Deer Park Rd (Rte. 231) (West Fork)] + Sat Nov 7

Long Island’s Best Desserts www.longislandsbestdesserts.com Main Street in Port Jefferson 7-10pm.

Court House Concerts www.courthouseconcerts.com courthouseconcerts@yahoo.com Merrick Reservations + Sun Nov 22 John Elliott & Anthony da Costa Pre-show gathering 2pm Showtime 3pm

Folk Music Society of Huntington www.FMSHNY.org Special House Concert:bring your instrument/voice for after.  Space limited: reserve thru Brown Paper Tickets

Huntington Arts Council www.HuntingtonArts.org 631-271-8423  & Town of Huntington + Annual Summer Arts Festival + Annual Long Island Fall Festival + other events with music

To receive or stop The Song Box & LI Folk Music Email RdeBruin@Suffolk.lib.ny.us RdeBruin@OptonLine.net

Special new Weekly Wed The Greater Port Jefferson-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council 631.473.5220  www.gpjac.org Summer concerts +

Northport Arts Coalition www.NorthportArts.org + NAC 2nd Wednesdays is a collaborative venture with the Northport Library  + various Fri Do-Ing Music Concert: 7:30pm Northport Library, 151 Laurel Ave. Northport + Every Summer

?One Fri per month The Northport East Northport Public Library in Cooperation with The Northport Arts Coalition proudly presents: Do-Ing Music 7:30pm Northport Library 151 Laurel Ave.

Fri Nov 20 Buddy Merriam & Back Roads www.BuddyMerriam.com new CD “Back Roads Mandolin” 7-10pm Eastport American Legion Hall, 478 Montauk Hwy, Eastport, NY Call Ron Michne to reserve-limited seating! 631-325-1976

“Blue Grass Time” Buddy Merriam every Wed. night from 6-8 on WUSB 90.1FM or live www.WUSB.fm www.BackRoadsBluegrass.com www.myspace.com/BuddyMerriamBackRoads

The Islip Arts Council www.IslipArtsCouncil.org 631-224-5420  info@IslipArtsCouncil.org www.IslipArtsCouncil.org/music.html + Outdoor & indoor events

Brentwood Public Library Free Concert Series 7pm 34 Second Avenue Brentwood, NY Co-Sponsored by the Islip Arts Council and the Brentwood Public Library

The Jean Rimsky Theater at Landmark on Main Street www.LandmarkonMainStreet.org 516-767-6444 at 232 Main St, Port Washington + Sat Nov 21 Paper Bag Players’ ” The Great Mummy Adventure ” Children’s Series + Sat Dec 5 Taylor 2 Dance Company, Dance Series + Sat Dec 12 The Klezmatics World Beat  + Sat Jan 10 Susan Vega + Sat Feb 6 An Evening of Gospel. + Sat Jan 23 Justin Earle & Carrie Rodriguez WFUV 90.7FM Roots Rock Series +  Sat Mar 20 Duncan Sheik + Sat Apr 10 The Holmes Brothers WFUV 90.7FM Roots Rock Series. WFUV 90.7FM City Folk Sunday Breakfast (Sunday 8-11am) DJ John Platt hosts Fabulous Folk Series!

For directions to the Babylon Green Gathering, call 631-422-4702 or email ian.wilder@yahoo.com Children are welcome. All gatherings are free of charge, and open to the public. + Wed Dec 2 Gathering Hank Stone for the annual Green Party Holiday Party. Pisces Café, 14A Railroad Avenue, Babylon, NY (631-321-1231) www.piscescafe.net Come hungry!

Sonic Underground Presents House Concert in Stony Brook  www.Lucky13.fm Open Mic 3pm Potluck so bring something fun to eat or drink www.lucky13.fm/SUHouseConcertInfo.htm Reservation confirmation and directions

Outdoor Concert and pot luck supper at 5:30pm Bring a dish to share and something for a donation to the local food bank. Limited seating is available so please bring your portable chair if you have one. Suggested Donation is $10. Payment is at the door. Please RSVP Nancy@lessstressyoga.com Fort Salonga, Long Island (Near Northport) *

Barb’s The Long Island Poetry Calendar & some music events www.poetz.com/longisland/index.htm

My Long Island Folk Music Emails have sometimes been posted on Kimberly & Ian’s www.onthewilderside.net or www.www.onthewilderside.com

and also posted by Bill Herman at Paradiddle Records www.paradiddlerecords.com

The Song Box reservations & George’s The Song Box Emailings SongBox@optonline.net (With color pictures)

To receive or stop The Song Box & LI Folk Music Email RdeBruin@Suffolk.lib.ny.us

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