The Value of Nothing book/video

A deeply thought-provoking book about the dramatic changes we must make to save the planet from financial madness. – Naomi Klein

Hi Ian,
I found your e-mail on the Green Party website. I work with Picador publishers and am trying to get the word out about Raj Patel’s new book (previous book: Stuffed and Starved) on sustainability and price vs. value – The Value of Nothing. Thought you’d be particularly amenable.
Raj is an activist and agro-ecologist – he’s worked for the World Bank and WTO and been tear-gassed on four continents protesting against them. He’s also a fellow at the Institute for Food and Development Policy, known more popularly as Food First.
The book trailer is really great – – and it’s just a super important book that I think your fan base would be interested in. We’ve also posted the first chapter online (both on our website and on AlterNet):
Please take a minute and check out the linked video. If you’re behind Raj and his message, we’d really appreciate you sharing the video.

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