Green Party Black Caucus (GPBC) Protest Odious Redemptionist-era rulings being invoked by the Obama Justice Department

Asa Gordon

Asa Gordon

The BLACK CAUCUS OF THE GREEN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES (GPBC) in a letter of protest to Attorney General, Eric Holder registered their strong objection that in this case of controversy an Assistant United States Attorney in the Department of Justice in argument before the Appellate Court has invoked odious Redemptionist-era rulings of the Supreme Court that reestablished white supremacy and overturned Reconstruction.

A position that denigrates the memory of that provision of the constitution that gave full expression to the founding principle of our nation for which that “band of brothers” of European and African descent “gave the last full measure of devotion” in the United States Civil War.

Black Caucus officials in their letter to Attorney General Eric Holder state:

This is an unconscionable position to be taken by the Department of Justice under the leadership of an Attorney General of the United States of African descent serving in the Administration of the first President of the United States of African descent.

Asa Gordon‘s  Oral Argument on Democratizing the Electoral College, a major voting rights civil action  endorsed by the Green Party Black Caucus in 2004, has been scheduled for oral argument in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (No. 09-5142) on Thursday, January 14, 2010. [Updated on 1/13/10: Oral arguments have been canceled. Asa Gordon thanked supporters and noted that the court will rule on documents only.]

The civil action, Gordon v. Biden (formerly Gordon v. Cheney), addresses the mal-apportionment of Electoral College votes, voter dilution by race and/or party affiliation with the popular vote misrepresented by the winner-take-all system of allocating electoral votes. The civil action seeks relief against the Vice President who presides over the tabulation of “unbound Southern electoral states” who by practice, unsupported by state or federal statute, traditionally award Presidential Electors on a “winner-take-all basis” in violation of the mal-apportionment penalty clause pursuant to Amend. XIV§2 as implemented by 2U.S.C.§6. All Court Documents, links, Green Party of the United States Press Releases and other materials related to the action are available online at

Gordon filed the Democratizing the Electoral College Civil Action on July 28th, 2008, to commemorate the Century and Two Score years anniversary of the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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  1. Note: The January date for oral arguments was canceled. Asa sent around a note thanking supporters and saying that the court will rule on documents only.

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