“Follow You Around” by Brian Sendrowitz & Beat Radio 1/17/10


Brian Sendrowitz http://www/beatradio.org played his new song “Follow You Around” at the fundraiser for The Cup in Wantagh, NY. Videotaped by http://www.onthewilderside.net

and from Beat radio:

hey guys,
happy new year from beat radio!
a couple things we wanted to let you know about:
we now have our new “sleepwalking” t-shirts available!  you can order one here:
we’re excited to be playing again with our friends West Dakota this sunday in brooklyn! 

here’s the info:

Sunday January 17th 2010
Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY

Open Mic 5-8
Beat Radio 8:30
West Dakota 9:30

come early and play the open mic!

also, you we’ve made both LP’s available for high quality digital download at bandcamp.  all songs are pay what you like, with no minimum.  please share with your friends!  here is the link: http://beatradio.bandcamp.com/
We’re going to be putting out lots of new music in 2010, starting later this month.
Keep in touch:
All the best,

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