At Hofstra: (Democrat) Governor David Paterson announces his run for Governor [plus 3rd party candidates]

Just stumbled on Nassau News Live. Looks like and interesting site for local news, covering Hempstead, Uniondale, Roosevelt and Garden City. They also live blog some events.

(Excerpt from) Nassau News Live
Paterson Kicks Off Campaign in Hempstead

Speaking at his alma mater of Hofstra University Saturday morning, Gov. David Paterson kicked off his election campaign with the official announcement of his candidacy in front of nearly 400 supporters…

But, who will the third party and other candidates be?

A good place to follow who is running for Governor, state-by-state, is Politics1. There NY page is: here. Right now it only lists Democrats and Republicans. At the other website I blog for, Independent Political Report (IPR), I found some news items about potential third party candidates. Watching IPR should keep you in the loop about third party candidates who arise. For now, IPR is reporting on Warren Redlich as a potential Tea Party candidate in New York. And, they list Kristin Davis as a potential Libertarian candidate for NY Governor. (Ms. Davis is the former Madame connected with the Eliot Spitzer scandal.)

As most of you know, I am no longer a Green Party member. So, I get my information third or fourth hand. Though, it is my understanding that the Green Party of New York State has a couple of insiders, who are perennial candidates, who they are considering not only carrying the banner, but trying to get those elusive 50,000 votes that will regain “automatic ballot status.”

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