vote for beat radio today in march music madness finals!

hey guys,
hope all is well!
some of you have been following this–we’ve been battling it out at The Round Table‘s March Music Madness over the last couple weeks.
We really appreciate everyone voting for us, defeating Broken Social Scene, Dave Matthews Band, Vampire Weekend, and perhaps most amazingly, Justin Bieber.
Today is the finals, and we’ve definitely got some tough competition in Ashley Arrison.  She’s a singer songwriter from the west coast, with a pretty dedicated fan base.
So anyway, please take a second and vote for Beat Radio here:
Pass along to your friends!  Hoping we can get out the vote and make a come from behind victory.
We’ve got some more fun stuff to share in the next few days.  The next 2 tracks for the 2010 singles series are done, and they’ll be coming out very soon as a special exclusive “digital 7” over at the Ampeater Review.  One of the songs rocks harder than anything we’ve done in a while, the other is a pretty, dreamy track called “High Time.”  Stay tuned.
also, here are some pretty rad posts on our song “golden age” 
with love,

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