Memorial Day at Stotzky Park: A helicopter

Riverhead certainly holds some surprises. Our family was playing with another family at Stotzky Park yesterday, May 29th. Then, all of the sudden, several police vehicles appeared in the corners of the back parking lot. And, then there was a fire truck and a lot of excitement. What we found out was that a […]

Riverhead Area School Info and state designations

Two overlapping stories: The Launch of a New Project: RASi Wilderside Ltd., Kimberly Wilder, and some local parents have launched a new project called: Riverhead Area School Info or RASi. This project will draw attention to the strengths and weaknesses of local public and private schools; support families who have chosen alternative education; and try […]

Video: Pandemic Blues by Kimberly Wilder and Ian Wilder

Poem about Pandemic. Married couple during pandemic. Domestic strife. Quarantine. Ian Wilder. Kimberly Wilder.

Women are not safe.
We are stunned.

Roe v Wade was overturned. A poem about women in shock. Abortion rights. Pregnancy rights. Birth Control rights. Feminism. Written by Kimberly Wilder

What Is Lost

(First draft. A poem that is bubbling up in me this morning. -KW) What Is Lost Please help me.There is so much work to do.I am forgetting to assert my dignity each day.They have made a decree to take my rights away.I am tired.My dignity is fading away.My subjugation is melting into the fabric of […]

July 13th: Wear Black to Speak Out!

In order to bring attention to the 2022 tragic anti-Roe v Wade decision, and join with other calls for justice, Strike for America has called for a day of action on July 13th. You can stay home from work, buy-nothing, and/or wear black. Just let’s show how unhappy we are with the Supreme Court and […]

Roe Journal: Day 8

Fighting for a woman’s right to her own, bodily autonomy. My journal entry: Roe JournalKimberly WilderJuly 1, 2022 I have a cold. I feel somewhat defeated. I had wanted to do a real action in the real world each day. Though, that would have been very tough. At least I took a bold, self-directed action. […]

Roe Journal: Day Seven

Kimberly Wilder’s Roe Journal Day Seven(I count the first day. June 24th, because I was at a protest that evening.) _______________________________________________________________________ One of the conversations at Roe v Wade events, is how we can’t believe we have all done so much – and felt so much – in so few days. This morning, I woke […]

Nowhere to hide

When the monster comes in your dreams what do you do?Do you run?Don’t run.The monster will catch you.Your life will be done. When the monster comes in your dreams what do you do?Do you hide?Don’t hide.And, don’t try to speak.The monster destroys those who are weak. When the monster comes should you fight?Don’t fight.The optics […]

Socializing under quarantine: What to say when you don’t know what to say…

“I send you greetings from afar.” That is the opening salvo I have thought of to try to engage neighbors and unsuspecting strangers I encounter at the park during the current state of crisis and stay-at-home orders.

Life under quarantine

COVID 19, The Coronavirus, has become part of our daily lives. Like so many other people, I have decided to start writing and blogging again, as a result of all of my feelings and all of the time I have.Some things that have changed for me, due to the current crisis and quarantine… So far, […]

Election Page Updated 6/3/18

This page has information, ideas, and lists to help you run for office.

Alternative Education Conference 8/3 – 8/6/17

My father, Julian Wilder, was an Education Professor at Adelphi University.  He had been referenced by futurist Alvin Toffler for his work. Dad did not believe any testing, and especially standardized tests, were of any use to teachers or students.  He would have been at the front lines speaking out against Common Core and supporting […]

Korb & Pagano @ PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse Friday 4/7/2017

Friday, April 7, 2017 at 8pm First United Methodist Church, 25 Broadway, Amityville, New York 11701 (The “last church on the left” going south on Rte 110) $7 at the door/more if possible, less if necessary The PeaceSmiths Topical, A-Typical, Folk Music, Poetry, and Whatever Coffeehouse presents… Rocket & the Launchers are Ken “The Rocket” Korb and Lora Kendal, […]