Riverhead Area School Info

Riverhead Area School Info is a Social Enterprise devoted to using information and the mommies’ network to improve schools and make your child’s learning experience happier.

We will apply various strategies of research, public speaking, individual student advocacy,
whistle-blowing, and more to help improve Riverhead Central School District.

We will present data and research to try to understand the unequal success and ratings of the four, early elementary schools among Riverhead Central School District. We hope to petition the school board and/or state government to help create more opportunities at the lower performing schools.

In addition, we want to help parents learn about alternatives to regular public school, including: private schools, homeschooling, and the Riverhead Charter School (which Riverhead Central School District students can attend free — if accepted through a lottery system.)

We want your ideas. We want to invite you to share your concerns and share your talents to help improve our school communities. Please get in touch, especially if you have a story to tell about a Riverhead area school. We are a new Social Enterprise. Our focus right now is sharing information and writing about school issues. We are currently looking into ways to recruit or refer Education Advocates in order to serve individuals in the community.

Riverhead Area School Info (RASI) is a project of Wilderside, Ltd.

You can contact us at: riverheadrasi@gmail.com

Also…please feel free to leave short comments or stories in our Wilderside comment sections.

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