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May 31st is Walt Whitman’s Birthday: Celebrate the silence





November 2016 Project with David Kirschenbaum
May 2016 Project with David Kirschenbaum
May 2014 Project with David Kirschenbaum
May 2011 Project with David Kirschenbaum


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  1. Dear Goldman Sachs, BP, Halliburton and Transocean. Is it time to short these stocks?
    Do we support the oil companies or let them drown in their own fiery, oily mess? By Chris Landau (geologist)
    Do you think it is time to short BP? I see the price is falling and their profits for the next few years will probably be burnt off by the oil blowout in The Gulf of Mexico? They seem to be getting an awful lot of bad press. It can not be good for their stock. As the losses due to environmental clean up and law suites could be well over $10 billion dollars, I was wondering if you think the worst is over for BP. I know that Goldman Sachs’ stock has taken a beating and was wondering whether we should short or buy this stock? As I do not want you to be sited for insider trading, feel free to publish your thoughts on the web so that everybody can trade freely.
    Do you think that it might be a good time to short the other oil companies?
    Do you think that it might be a good time to short the other oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil as the pollution in the Gulf of Mexico will probably change their profits from black to red as the fires of change burn through their piles of loot.
    Transocean and Halliburton have excellent damage control word mitigation specialists
    Transocean, the owner of the rig and Halliburton responsible for cementing the casing, on this well, stock price seems to be holding up fairly well. These two are keeping a low profile. Do you think that BP or Goldman Sachs should hire their public relations team to help keep their stock price up or is it more profitable to short it as it falls and then buy it back at a cheaper price? My concern is that the oil companies might be seen to be in a dirty business and that their long term profitability and business model might be going up in smoke like that of the tobacco industry. Am I being overly pessimistic? In any case Transocean and Halliburton have excellent damage control word mitigation specialists. They shine though being opaque, to us. Perhaps this could become one of their future core divisions as they expand their business and diversify their business strategies.
    What a wonderful time to be an attorney. So many friends? So many enemies? It’s hard to know who to choose. So many to thank for their fiery efforts. Business is good. We are swimming in oil. Light a candle. Light a million. We know this will not be the normal “seven day wonder” like every news item. We should not let this opportunity pass.
    Did anyone mention the animals? Do they speak English or another foreign language?
    Did anyone mention the animals, the birds, the fish, the whales, the dolphins? I did not hear them speak? Do they speak English or another foreign language? I can not understand what they are saying? You say they are drowning in oil. How can that be? Nobody can have enough oil. I think they are just being ungrateful for the plenty that surrounds them. If they can not see the opportunity like the rest of us, that cannot be helped. It is not our fault. Do not blame us. We are the engine that drives prosperity that puts the food on your table. Did anyone mention, fish, crab or wild fowl for dinner. Not now, thank you, I believe that is out of season. We are all trying to cut back to help the environment. You understand. But of course you do. You are one of us.
    Those that I missed, I offer my hidden condolences
    I apologize to all those companies that have chosen to be shy and retiring. Those that I missed, I offer my hidden condolences, lest I draw attention to their ambiguity. Those grey people that were slippery enough to blend into the murky, oily depths of forgotten dreams. Take our hearts. Take Care and have a nice day.
    For those that drive our economy under ground, I am grateful. We are your servants. We will not forget you in times like these.
    Do not drill more wells into the 3000 mile Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Fault Line.
    Chris Landau (geologist)

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