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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? ebook cover


    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook on Amazon

    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

    Reflections on Occupy Wall Street, with photos, fun, and good wishes for the future. eBook, Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? (Only $.99 !) In the eBook, the Occupy movement is explored through original reporting, photographs, cartoons, poetry, essays, and reviews.The collection of essays and blog posts records the unfolding of Occupy into the culture from September 2011 to the present.  Authors Kimberly Wilder and Ian Wilder were early supporters of Occupy, using their internet platforms to communicate the changes being created by the American Autumn.

    The eBook is currently available on Amazon for Kindle;  Barnes & Noble Nook ; Smashwords independent eBook seller; and a Kobo for 99 cents and anyone can read it using their Kindle/Nook Reader, smart phone, or computer.

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Women are not safe.
We are stunned.

Women are not safe.
We are stunned.

Our human rights were squashed.
People measured and deliberated and reminded us that it has happened to other people before.
Politicians, including Democratic officials, postured and bandaged the edges and
left us here in our state of shock and oppression.
Around the country, in little pockets, laws are being changed to hurt us more and faster. Innocent women
are being prosecuted. Their mothers are being shamed, and prosecuted, and harassed.
Bad guys and backwards, old fashioned patriarchs are testing what else they can possibly do to women,
now that we are on the ground, foot on our necks, weakened.

It is not time to rest on laurels.
It is not time to get one law passed, or distract
America solving this little problem or that little problem.

It is time to stack the Supreme Court.
It is time to impeach the cheaters on the Supreme Court.
It is time to work each day
on how to solve this simmering problem.
It is time to listen to women,
even when they are choking on fear and silence.


By Kimberly Wilder

What Is Lost

(First draft. A poem that is bubbling up in me this morning. -KW)

What Is Lost

Please help me.
There is so much work to do.
I am forgetting to assert my dignity each day.
They have made a decree to take my rights away.
I am tired.
My dignity is fading away.
My subjugation is melting into the fabric of America.
Into the fabric of American injustice.

July 13th: Wear Black to Speak Out!

In order to bring attention to the 2022 tragic anti-Roe v Wade decision, and join with other calls for justice, Strike for America has called for a day of action on July 13th. You can stay home from work, buy-nothing, and/or wear black. Just let’s show how unhappy we are with the Supreme Court and the current state of affairs! Thanks Kimberly


Roe Journal: Day 8

Fighting for a woman’s right to her own, bodily autonomy.

My journal entry:

Roe Journal
Kimberly Wilder
July 1, 2022

I have a cold. I feel somewhat defeated.

I had wanted to do a real action in the real world each day. Though, that would have been very tough.

At least I took a bold, self-directed action. I started my own FaceBook Page: Roe Boycotts Go Nuclear. The goal is to try to make sure people know dates for proposed actions, boycotts, rallies, etc.

The FB group I joined which has more than 40,000 people is on pause. Basically, it has growing pains. I hope the admins can keep it together. Because, 40,000 of anything, no less human beings who agree on a political issue, is very good.

Let’s keep up the fight for women’s rights! (And, let’s be kind to each other in the process.)

Roe Journal: Day Seven

Kimberly Wilder’s Roe Journal

Day Seven
(I count the first day. June 24th, because I was at a protest that evening.)


One of the conversations at Roe v Wade events, is how we can’t believe we have all done so much – and felt so much – in so few days.

This morning, I woke up worrying first about Covid and then about The Supreme Court.

Last night (Wednesday, June 29th), I went to a rally at The Suffolk County Supreme Court here in Riverhead. It was good to be with other people. Though, as someone else noted, there was a little bit less energy and sense of satisfaction. Some of the reasons were: our group faced inward towards the court steps; the street was cordoned off, so very few passers by could see our numbers; it was heavy on speeches (many by candidates); and, it was organized by local Democratic Party committees. On the bright side for me: There was a small amount of heckling of what the Democratic Party has not done; We got to commune with like-minded people; We got to chant; And, we got to hold signs and yell about how bad The Supreme Court is.

In the morning, my little girl graduated from UPK, Universal (free) Pre-Kindergarten. There was so much happiness. Still, I decided I had to turn my back on the national anthem – no matter how festive the occasion and how much I wanted to see a child performer sing it. I just stood discretely near the back of the crowd and turned around. In that moment, I decided that I had to keep to my truth and I had to honor the women who I have been discussing these actions with online. We spent a lot of time debating if we would take a knee or turn our backs. I wasn’t going to let the whole conversation be for naught.

It is almost comical to me that the students sang “I am proud to be an American…” by Lee Greenwood. I have always sung it as, “I am proud to be an American, where at least I THINK I’m free.” This week, I have modified my satire to be, “I am proud to be an American, where at least WHITE MEN are free.” Oh, well.

Last night, the group of 43,000 plus women who have found each other on FaceBook made a big announcement. On July 13th, we will hold a boycott. It is something like “Buy Nothing Day.” Women and allies will do their best to spend no money and do no work.

I am glad to be part of a well-planned project. I am looking forward to July 13th and to seeing any results or media attention the next day.

I saw a headline about Ketanji Brown Jackson being inducted into The Supreme Court today. For a fleeting moment, I thought that Biden and The Democrats had started to pack the court. As you may know, they have not been that strong and brave yet.

My journal must include that one of my cousins passed away. She was 61 years old. I feel an extra sense of loss, because, our family is very matriarchal, and the women get to see each other for many weddings and baby showers. She was very good and kind, and will be remembered by a very big and loving family.

Nowhere to hide

When the monster comes in your dreams what do you do?
Do you run?
Don’t run.
The monster will catch you.
Your life will be done.

When the monster comes in your dreams what do you do?
Do you hide?
Don’t hide.
And, don’t try to speak.
The monster destroys those who are weak.

When the monster comes should you fight?
Don’t fight.
The optics will not seem right.
A glimpse of the monster spells out your end.
Dead or alive, you will be condemned.

When the monster came what did you do?
You left your bed.
You started to run.
You know how it ended.
The monster won.

And then, the monster planted a gun.

Socializing under quarantine: What to say when you don’t know what to say…

“I send you greetings from afar.” That is the opening salvo I have thought of to try to engage neighbors and unsuspecting strangers I encounter at the park during the current state of crisis and stay-at-home orders.

Health advisers and our government are telling us to stay in our homes and to avoid physical contact with other people. And, I am trying, dutifully, to do my part. Though, human beings are social creatures. It is so hard to go through the day with my only contact being my husband (who is often working from home) and my two-year-old.

In the past, at the supermarket, I might smile at someone who crossed my path. Or, I might even start a conversation with someone who was buying the same odd brand of bread as myself. Now, as soon as I encounter another shopper, there are so many questions and fears running through my mind, I often forget to even smile. How am I supposed to figure out the dance of which way to step aside, when I am thinking about if they could be sick, if they think I might be sick, if I should have put brighter lipstick on to look healthy and put people at ease, and how am I ever going to suppress this cough?

When I take my daughter for a walk in our neighborhood, I have similar feelings, sometimes made more awkward by the fact that there are some people who you kind of know and usually stop to chat with. Is it safe to talk now? How will they know that you are not going to foolheartedly walk up to the beginning of their driveway (much closer than 6 feet away from them) like you have in the past?

On neighborhood walks, and at walks through the park, I started to notice a lot of feelings when I saw someone approaching me. One feeling is just desperation to connect and to chat with another human being. Another feelings is not wanting to frighten that other person by taking a step in his or her direction. How will she know, that I know, and that I respect the fact, that I have to stay 6 feet away?

So, as I encountered people, I started to feel words well up in me, and an urgency to shout to them. It is like two boats passing in quiet waters. You want to acknowledge their presence and to see if they want to exchange pleasantries. The words I felt I needed were simple words, to be shouted out in a hopeful manner. I was longing to say something between “Land Ho” and the words of an Easter sermon I heard, describing the back and forth call of Christians of old at Easter.

So, I tried to see if I could figure out these words and if they could be a useful, new, social contract for people during the quarantine. When you are walking around at the supermarket, or your block, or a park, you would call out to someone from 7 feet away (a hint, that you know you have to stay far away): “I send you greetings from afar”. And, the person, showing that they, too, are interested in pleasantries – and that they, too, understand the 6 foot social distancing rule and promise not to get too close to you – could shout back, “I thank you and accept from a distance…” followed by the start of a shouted conversation.

Can you picture it? Could you do it? Or, maybe the words need some refining before being put into general use…

I send you greetings from afar!

I thank you and accept from a distance!

To me, it sounds like the start of the kind of warm, friendly exchange that we need more of during quarantine. When I posted my idea to FaceBook, a friend’s adult son said it sounded like the Vulcan salutation: “Live long and prosper” which can be followed by the answer, “Peace and long life.” I would not mind people going around saying those words, either. I would just enjoy something to say to ease the tension of life under quarantine and to reach out to the other people stuck here in it with me.

Life under quarantine

COVID 19, The Coronavirus, has become part of our daily lives.

Like so many other people, I have decided to start writing and blogging again, as a result of all of my feelings and all of the time I have.Some things that have changed for me, due to the current crisis and quarantine…

So far, two of my friends have lost relatives. And, it is so sad to think that there cannot be a funeral at this time.

My mother and father are very “holed up” a few towns over. So, I can’t see them as much, celebrate family birthday parties, or take my toddler to see them.

I am not able to take my toddler to library classes or any special events.

I am not able to take my toddler to the Long Island Aquarium or the children’s bouncy play center we used to frequent.

I am stuck in the house a lot of the day with a bored toddler, trying to create activities and tasks, but also trying to create structure for our day and meaning for our daily life.

[For resources for supporting your toddler during quarantine, please see bottom of this post]

We have learned to do several kinds of video chatting, to try to catch virtual glimpses of family and old playmates. It works a little to feel connected. Though, at 2-and-a-half, there will be a few times during the call when she gets confused and asks to go to people’s homes. Sometimes crying.

Grocery shopping is frightening, even though we don’t take the toddler with us anymore. And, it is worse when there are ridiculous people with too many masks and gloves and vibes of utter fear.

I have become so desperate and needy for human company, that I pounce on any neighbors I see outside with very long, shouted conversations from across the street. When the local utility company sent a man in a van around to change our meters, I talked him up like he was a long lost friend.

One thing that has remained the same — but intensified to a frightening extent — is my love for pizza. Sure, our family used to have pizza one or two times a week, because there is a Sunday through Wednesday special. And, who doesn’t love a break from cooking? Though now, I think it is like pizza 3 times a week, and dinner on Fridays. And, if I go in to pick up the food, I gush over the owner and thank him over and over again for staying open.

I really can’t believe that I can’t buy paper towels and toilet paper, but I can buy pizza. At least that is something to be happy about.

Stay safe. Stay home (except to get fresh air on walks or outings to the park, using careful, social/physical distancing.)

Kind Regards,

Kimberly Wilder

Resources for families with toddlers during this COVID-19 crisis and quarantine:

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County
(Cornell Cooperative is where I found the other links below.)

“Parenting in the time of coronavirus and social distancing”
First Things website

“Five Tips to Make the Most of Video Chats”
Zero to Three website
The Zero to Three website had a wealth of information about very young children. A lot of other articles that say they address children and the Coronavirus seem to be aimed at four-year-olds and up, or even just school age children. I was so happy to find this site to help with questions relating to my two-year-old. It is very difficult to keep a 2-year-old interested in a video chat.

Election Page Updated 6/3/18

This page has information, ideas, and lists to help you run for office. http://www.onthewilderside.com/elections/

Suffolk Green Party Endorses Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2017

The Suffolk County Green Party continues its support of Transgender Day Of Remembrance (TDOR). TDOR is a worldwide event held every November to raise awareness about discrimination, violence, and murder directed against transgender (living as or expressing a gender other than the one expected at birth), intersex (biologically in-between or outside male and female), and gender-nonconforming (acting in any way contrary to gender stereotypes) people, to commemorate the lives of transgender, intersex and gender-nonconforming people around the world who’ve been killed due to this kind of discrimination and violence within the past year, and showing transgender/intersex/gender-nonconforming people and allies’ commitment toward making a more safe, understanding and accepting world. Read more »

Myles & Sargent @ PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse Friday 6/2/17


Open Time Maybe you, plaese come
Non perishable food Idems will be collected for L.I. Food not bombs, aka Comunity Solidarity..
$7 at door

Friday,June 2, 2017  at 8pm
First United Methodist Church, 25 Broadway, Amityville, New York 11701 (The “last church on the left” going south on Rte 110)
$7 at the door/more if possible, less if necessary

The PeaceSmiths Topical, A-Typical, Folk Music, Poetry, and Whatever Coffeehouse presents…

  • John Myles Original songwriter, poet, and guitarist. John has played the open mic events in  Long Island and Queens. His song Invisible Man has been covered by Phil Minissale.

    Walter Sargent has played at the Coffeehouse before, Walter is an 0riginal song writer and peace activist.

  • Open Time, Maybe you?

Non-perishable vegetarian food items will be collected for L.I. Food not Bombs and the church’s food drive.  Cans of vegetables, canned fruit, or bags of rice are good.  Read more »

Alternative Education Conference 8/3 – 8/6/17

2017 AERO ConferenceMy father, Julian Wilder, was an Education Professor at Adelphi University.  He had been referenced by futurist Alvin Toffler for his work. Dad did not believe any testing, and especially standardized tests, were of any use to teachers or students.  He would have been at the front lines speaking out against Common Core and supporting Opt-out. He walked his talk. His students did projects where they learned and could actually apply their classwork in their own classrooms.  They did much more work than they would have for tests, and praised him for it.  My Dad did a lot more work grading the projects that he would have for tests.  He brought home carts full of project binders to grade.

Mention that you saw this post and get a discount to the 2017 alternative education AERO conference.

My Dad worked closely with Jerry Mintz and his organization, AERO [Alternative Education Resource Organization]. AERO holds an internationally recognized alternative education conference every year.  There is a pdf flyer for the AERO 2017 conference.  Please share it with your favorite educator.  More information about the conference, and how to register, is on their website.

The AERO conference is an annual gathering of cutting edge, innovative educators. It involves administrators, teachers, parents and students who are interested in and support the idea of learner-centered education, rather than a one-size-fits-all system. Attendees come from a spectrum of alternatives, including home schools, as well as others from the mainstream who are interested in learning about those approaches.

Keynote speakers include:  Dennis Littky, Dayna Martin, John Gatto,  Joanna Faber, and Jonathan Kozol.

Korb & Pagano @ PeaceSmiths Coffeehouse Friday 4/7/2017

Friday, April 7, 2017 at 8pm
First United Methodist Church, 25 Broadway, Amityville, New York 11701 (The “last church on the left” going south on Rte 110)
$7 at the door/more if possible, less if necessary

The PeaceSmiths Topical, A-Typical, Folk Music, Poetry, and Whatever Coffeehouse presents…

  • Rocket & the Launchers are Ken “The Rocket” Korb and Lora Kendal, with Big George on bass.
    Ken is a particular favorite of ontheWilderside since he played the Wilders’ wedding. 
  • Jesse Pagano, Blues
    Jess plays original songs on the Patchogue Music scene, He is a wonderful guitarist and a Blues man. Former lead singer of Karma Sutra and has a new CD, “Common Ground”
  • Open Time, Maybe you?

This Coffeehouse will feature plans for upcoming Earth Day and Climate marches.

Non-perishable vegetarian food items will be collected for L.I. Food not Bombs and the church’s food drive.  Cans of vegetables, canned fruit, or bags of rice are good.

Read more »

Water is Life: Protecting this Sacred Gift 3/25/17

Homecoming Water is Life ImageHomecoming Farm will be offering its Sixth Annual Spring Awakening as a gathering for those who care about the future of our Earth.  This year’s  program is entitled “Water is Life: Understanding the Challenges We  Face Locally and Globally Protecting this Sacred Gift” The event takes place on March 25, 2017 from 8:45 am – 3:30 pm at Helen Butler Hall at Dominican Village, 565 Albany Avenue, Amityville, NY  11701. Registration is required at $45 per person which includes lunch.

For more information, contact S. Jeanne Clark, OP at earthhomej@aol.com or 631-842-6000, Ext. 338. You can also register at https://www.eventbrite.com by going to the listing for “Homecoming Farm.”  Proceeds from the event will benefit Homecoming Farm.   Please visit their website at www.homecomingearth.org to learn more about Homecoming Farm. Registration form (pdf) Read more »