Call your Suffolk County Legislator to get Optical Scan Voting Machines

writeinimage.05.GIF       HELP SAFEGUARD THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR VOTE!   Tell your Suffolk Legislator and Election Commissioners you want optical scanners for Suffolk County and New York.  With an optical scan voting system, you mark your own ballot, just like a lotto ticket, and the optical scanner reads & counts it.  The ballot is then secured and preserved for recounts and audits — simple, secure and transparent.
Also, they are much less expensive than DREs (Direct Recording Electronic voting machines) which have caused havoc in the 2004 elections.  They are the choice of LI Progressive Coalition, League of Women Voters, New Yorkers for Verified Voting, and many other reputable organizations and voter websites.
Presently, Legislator Jon Cooper has filed a resolution, MR2-2006: MEMORIALIZING RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF A SECURE, TRANSPARENT AND ECONOMICAL VOTING SYSTEM FOR NEW YORK STATE  This resolution supports two NY State bills calling for optical scanners statewide.  One of the bills, A6503, is cosponsored by our own Suffolk Assemblymen Fred Thiele, Ginny Fields and Steven Englebright.
Please call or write your Suffolk Legislator and ask him/her to support this resolution. You can mention you don’t trust DREs, or you think optical scanners are more secure and would save Suffolk millions of dollars in initial and continuing costs, or any other concerns you might have.
The list of Suffolk Legislators with their email addresses and telephone numbers can be found at
The Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee tabled resolution, MR2-2006 on Thursday, February 2, 2006,  
The Ways & Means Committee is D’AMARO – Chair, MYSTAL – Vice Chair Stern, Montano, Kennedy, Romaine- Members
The Ways and Means committee oversees the Board of Elections.  The Suffolk County Board of Elections will choose the voting machines for Suffolk after they receive the list of certified machines from the NYS  Board. This could be next month.
The Suffolk Board of Elections Commissioners, address and telephone # of the Suffolk County Board of  Elections is as follows: Robert L. Garfinkle Anita S. Katz Commissioners Yaphank Ave Yaphank, NY 11980-0700 (631) 852-4500 FAX (631) 852-4590 (631) 852-4540 (TTY)

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