Been thinking a lot about John Lennon recently.  Probably because he was 40 when he died/was murdered/assasinanted.   I turned 40 this October.  Lennon is not a very fair yardstick to measure my, or anyone’s life, against, but I still wonder what should I have done with last 40 years.  What can I do with the next?

Why died versus murdered versus assasinated.  I have a bug against celebrating the date of death of people who were killed.  It gives the killer what they want.  I would rather celebrate their birth.  And the assasinated comment.  Well, I was 15 when Lennon died and didn’t connect it with being the year Reagan took office.  Now I am a lot more cynical.

Though I am knocked out every time I hear the lyrics to Imagine, I still feel Working Class Hero is underplayed. 

Does  anyone have the exact Abbie Hoffman quote on (John) Lennon and (Groucho) Marx?

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