Kimberly Wilder for Lt Governor


Photo by Robert A. Kelly

Green Party Governor hopeful Malachy McCourt 
and Green Party Lt. Governor hopeful Kimberly Wilder

Kimberly's Guiding Principles

I am against wars and bombing. I am dedicated to peace through justice. I oppose the death penalty. I believe Roe vs. Wade should be upheld and should be fashioned into a constitutional ammendment. I demand justice for women, homosexuals, immigrants, minority groups and all people treated unfairly. I want a sustainable world where our environment is cherished on behalf of nature as well as for our own health and well-being. There is no good reason for nuclear energy nor nuclear weapons to exist. I fight for grassroots democracy, for the ability of people to participate fairly in the democratic process. As a green activist and as a Green elected official, I will abide by transparent process, fairness, and open government.

Please support Kimberly at the upcoming Green Party candidate events, which she will attend: 

May 6th Meet the Candidates in Rochester. 

May 13th in NYC, an informal primary at Rocky Sullivan's. Malachy McCourt and other Green Party candidates will be there. Any enrolled green from the five boroughs may vote.

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