Americans are ready for Change

The Green Party of the United States stands for a peace, revitalized democracy, and a safe and healthy future. The majority of Americans agree with the Green Party on issues like the war in Iraq and universal healthcare. Green officeholders stand by their promises and deliver real change to our communities.

Americans are ready for real change . . .

Americans are ready to vote Green!

• 2,395 Americans, and tens of thousands Iraqis have died in the Iraq War – a war for oil, sold to public through lies, deception and fear mongering. The Republicans sold these lies and the Democrats bought them.
Parents of the children killed in Iraq are ready for real change.
The Green Party has opposed the War on Iraq from the beginning.

• Consumers are suffering while oil companies are making record profits – profits used to buy-off congressional candidates.
Working families are tired of seeing household budgets shredded by gas prices, and they are ready for real change.
The Green party does not accept corporate contributions; and we are leading the fight to offer renewable energy solutions to consumers.
• Most Americans believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it. The Republicans brought us the Medicare prescription drug travesty; while the Democrat’s idea of “reform” is forcing the consumer to foot the bill.
The 28%of uninsured Americans are ready for real change.
The Green Party supports real Universal Health Care – Healthcare for All.
• In 2004, thousands of Americans who went to the polls to vote found that their votes were manipulated or obstructed. Republicans stole the vote. Democratic leaders promised that every vote would be counted, but took no action.
Americans whose votes weren’t counted want real change.
The Green Party initiated the Ohio and New Mexico Recount and made sure every vote was counted. Greens are demanding verifiable voting machines, strong campaign finance reform and Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).

• The Green Party wants to ensure that our children; and their grandchildren have a peaceful and secure future; a healthy future without the fear of energy shortages, oil-wars, and a toxic environment.
Americans are ready for real change.
Americans are ready for the Green Party.

The Green Party has 227 officeholders across the country. So far this year, 256 Greens have declared their intention to seek public office; and we expect many more to come forward over the next few months. Already this year, we have elected 17 Greens to office. Our win-rate is 52%.

In order to make the changes Americans want, Greens need to run for office and win. We need your help to do that.

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