Philly Eagles turn down the heat

Pennsylvania Progress – Philly Eagles and State Officials Lead PA’s Fight Against Global Warming

We’re growing faster than the spring weeds! Following the launch of the HBO special “Too Hot Not To Handle,” and new partners MySpace, Self Magazine and Nobel Peace Prize recipient [and Kenyan Green party founder] Wangari Maathai, we have over 365,000 marchers signed on!

While Washington seems to be moving at a snail’s pace, state and local government officials and businesses all over the country are proving what real leadership is all about: recognizing the seriousness of global warming, brainstorming local solutions, and most importantly, getting things done!

This week the March stops in Pennsylvania to check in with Virtual Marchers Governor Edward Rendell and the Philadelphia Eagles, all of whom are leading Pennsylvania’s fight against global warming.

It’s a testament to the widespread public understanding – and the growing sense of urgency for action – that such a diverse group of public officials and businesses from just one state have joined the March and gotten serious about protecting their state’s future in the fight against global warming. When the NFL team, the police commissioner and the state’s top tax official are worried enough to take action, that’s a sure sign that people get it.

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Keep on Marching!

Laurie David

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