Stop the President’s Silent Vetoes

Under a radical new theory of presidential power, President Bush is openly claiming the right to disobey any laws he doesn’t agree with — and Congress is letting him get away with it. Presidential signing statements are nothing new — but this President’s open defiance of the law most certainly is.

Click here to tell your representative and senators that they MUST hold Bush accountable under the law.

Senator McCain’s bill prohibiting torture by our armed forces? It’s being ignored. Requirements that the Administration report to Congress about seizures of records from libraries and bookstores? Ignored. A law capping U.S. soldiers in Colombia at 800? They’ll construe that law as ‘advisory in nature,’ thank you very much.

Tell Congress to investigate the President’s lawbreaking, express their opposition publicly, hold oversight hearings, and use their unique standing as lawmakers to sue.

Can the President Choose Which Laws To Obey?

Under a radical new theory of executive power, President Bush is openly breaking laws that he disagrees with. Congress must hold him accountable — or they might as well just go home.

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Who Made Him King?

In his New York Times bestselling book, blogger Glenn Greenwald gets to the roots of this unprecedented usurpation of power by the executive branch. How would a patriot act today?

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