Rebiya Kadeer’s Imprisoned Children Need Your Help


After prisoner of conscience Rebiya Kadeer was released last year, Chinese authorities started to harass her children and recently arrested three of them. Amnesty International fears that the Chinese authorities may be attempting to target Rebiya’s children in hopes of silencing her. 

The support of the House International Relations Committee is essential — and your Congressperson is a member. Urge your Representative to sign a crucial Dear Colleague letter calling on China to release Rebiya Kadeer’s children.Thank you,

The Government Relations Staff
Amnesty International, USA

Now they’ve taken her children.

Rebiya Kadeer’s children (L to R): Akida, Kekenos, Reyla and Rouxian Rouzi. Rebiya Kadeer, on her way to meet U.S. congressional staffers in China on August 11, 1999, was arrested and eventually sentenced to eight years in prison for mailing newspapers to her husband. © Joyce Naltchayan/AFP/Getty Images

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