Suffolk County peace activities 9/11 -11/18/06

Dear Friends,

There are many activities in the next month or so.

First on September 11 there are two events:  a peace walk in Fire Island and a demonstration at the Stony Brook clinic that helps those that participated in the clean up of 9/11 (their funding is inadequate) and the union chapter is calling for a demo to expand doctors and patient services.

Sept. 17th there is a line up Fifth avenue that will hold the names of every soldier who has died in the war.  I myself asked to hold the card of the soldier who was killed from my town.  You can get information about this from a group on the web called Name the Dead.  You must register with them to hold a card and they will give you further details.

On Sept 19th, President Bush is coming to the United Nations.  Many groups are calling for a large presence to let the world know that we want the war in Iraq ended and the troops brought home.  United for Peace and Justice has applied for the permit and tentative information can be found on their website.  Suffolk Peace Network will be sending out train times for different peace trains from Long Island.

October 5th The World Can’t Wait-There is a demo in the city and also here in Suffolk at the Smith Haven Mall from 4:00 to 6:00.  We will be flying in the parking lot or standing on the line supporting those who are flyering.

November 18th in conjunction with the School of the Americas Watch, we will be meeting in front of Peter King’s office from 2-3:30 to support those who will be in Fort Benning.  We are encouraging people to go to Ft. Benning, but if you can’t come to Massapequa Park.

If you are interested in any of these events, e mail me and I will give you further information.

P.S.  There was a good turn out at the legislature to speak out against Levy’s poorly thought out, wasteful, inhumane bill on immigration.  Right now the bill is being discussed within the Legislature so it wouldn’t be bad to contact your County Legislators and tell them that this bill duplicates the Department of Labor and Immigrations job and that laws are already on the books.  Lawyers from the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund and many clergy spoke about how the bill is probably not only unconstitutional, but against the kind of humane society which we all work for.


Susan McKeon

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