A Long Island Green Reviews: The Fluoride Deception

The following review was shared at the summer Suffolk County Green Party meeting:

Review of The Fluoride Deception

The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson, 2004, Seven Stories Press, New York

Fluoride is fluorine bound together with another element. Fluoride is not a vitamin or necessary mineral. No one has a deficiency of fluoride anymore than anyone has a deficiency of arsenic. Fluoride (90% of it) is a hazardous waste contaminated with arsenic and other impurities, scrubbed from smokestacks of Florida phosphate fertilizer mills to prevent damaging livestock and crops in the area. Instead of paying money to dispose of this toxic waste in a toxic dump, the fertilizer mills sell fluoride to towns and cities across the US to be dumped in their water systems.

There is no statistical evidence that fluoride does any good. Any positive effects (the so-called positive effect fluoride has is that it kills enzymes which cause tooth decay) would be from topical applications (on the teeth) and not by ingesting it. So, there is no reason whatsoever for ingesting it at all. Since fluoride is not a food substance but a medicine, it is unethical to medicate persons without their informed consent.

There have been no tests done which show fluorides’ safety. There have been tests, which the industry and government tried to repress, which show fluoride’s harmful effects. Rats tested with fluoride exhibited neuortoxicity: “confusion, lassitude, and drowsiness.” Dogs tested with fluoride exhibited damaged lungs. Diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, and dyspea (shortness of breath) are signs of fluoride poisoning. There is also evidence that fluorides cause muscle weakness, eczema, exhaustion, and thyroid underactivity. And, of course, in sufficient quantities it causes death, as it has been used as a rat poison in the past.

The poisonous effect of fluoride is cumulative. These harmful effects of fluoride have been commonly known and recognized since the mid 1930’s in Europe.

The study used to claim that fluoride causes fewer cavities was done on me who had few or no teeth. They had fewer cavities basically because they had no teeth at all.


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  1. Amen!! I wrote an article about fluoride called the “Pimp” Juice conspiracy, which talks about the REAL reason behind fluoride as we know it.

    Keep gettin this info out there. People need to stop drinking POISON!

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