Tell Congress to Reject John Bolton’s Nomination to the UN

At a time of growing global crises, the United States needs a strong leader at the United Nations who can advance international cooperation. Unfortunately, the Bush administration is nominating someone we already know is not up to the job. In 2005, the Bush administration nominated John R. Bolton to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. When the Senate refused to approve Bolton because of concerns that he was a poor choice, President Bush used a procedural maneuver to give him the job anyway.A year later, the Senate’s concerns have been proven correct. In his time at the UN, Bolton has pursued a “my way or the highway” strategy that has undermined U.S. foreign policy, alienated allies, and hurt our nation’s security. Now the President is re-nominating John Bolton and seeking Senate approval. He is the wrong man for this critical job. Tell your senators not to approve John Bolton for the vital position of Ambassador to the UN.


Stephen Young
National Field Organizer
Global Security Program


Subject: Oppose Bolton Nomination

Dear Senator,

I urge you to oppose the nomination of John R. Bolton to serve as Ambassador to the United Nations.

The United States needs a diplomat at the UN who can solve crises, increase our safety and security, and strengthen the UN and the international community. John Bolton falls short on all those fronts.

In particular, he has been unable to achieve international cooperation in pursuit of U.S. priorities at the United Nations. He has used inappropriate tactics and strong-armed approaches rather than creating alliances abroad.

Please do not approve John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN and encourage President Bush to nominate someone who can diplomatically resolve the current crises, work to reform the UN, and further U.S. interests in a manner befitting our nation’s most important diplomatic post.


What’s At Stake:
John Bolton is the wrong man to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Click here to read a letter sent to key senators, signed by 19 national organizations, including the Union of Concerned Scientists. It details why Bolton should be rejected by the Senate. More…

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