Call for Article Submissions – Sustainability 12/26/06

Deadline: December 26, 2006

Call for Submissions – 500 word articles
Smart Spaces: Inside and Out TV/Web

Sustainability and green living have reached a tipping point with media, business, and the public. What´s in short supply are ways to educate mainstream American consumers. That´s about to change. Greg Peterson and Amy Godfrey have created a new TV show, “Smart Spaces: Inside & Out.” The show has not yet been signed for broadcast, but the pair have added a companion Web site to enable viewers to learn more and to take action on the ideas presented on the show.

“Smart Spaces: Inside and Out” is seeking articles for its Web site,

We cannot pay for articles, but we will include a short bio and contact information for writers whose articles are accepted. With the television show promoting the Web site, this is a great venue for up and coming writers, publicists and other professionals to promote their work while helping to make the world a better place.

We are seeking positive, upbeat, guilt-free articles of approximately 500 words which address sustainability- related topics (healthy eating, green home building, urban gardening, saving energy, etc.) in an accessible, conversational tone. Examples can be found at www.30daystosustain

Download a copy of our writer´s guidelines from http://www.amybelan ces.html


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