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Self Imposed Political Prisoners

from Vote Dark Horse Ralph Nader did not cost Gore the 2000 election. Al Gore cost Al Gore the 2000 election. Gore had the opportunity to court the Green Party vote. If the Nader voters really wanted Gore for President, they would have voted Gore for President. Gore lost because not enough people wanted him […]

What to do with a Democratic Congress?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79VRdg2qtGc]  by Ian Wilder  I want to thank all of you for taking part in the democratic process. As you are aware, democracy is not something that happens just once or twice year in a voting both. Democracy is an on-going dialogue between ourselves and with our elected officials. To borrow a phrase, it is […]

Remembering John Mohawk

from Stan: JOHN MOHAWK WAS RIGHT.  Rick Whaley remembers John Mohawk: Author and Professor John Mohawk spoke at the first national Greens gathering in Amherst, Massachusetts in July 1987. He provides, to my mind, the most profound theoretical center for Green politics. Marxism, he argues, is the flip side of capitalism, not its opposite or […]

Call for Article Submissions – Sustainability 12/26/06

Deadline: December 26, 2006 Call for Submissions – 500 word articles Smart Spaces: Inside and Out TV/Web Sustainability and green living have reached a tipping point with media, business, and the public. What´s in short supply are ways to educate mainstream American consumers. That´s about to change. Greg Peterson and Amy Godfrey have created a […]

Our Climate Ourselves

Supporting Grassroots Education About Global Climate Change What We Do We provide training and materials to help people who are leading their families, their communities, their businesses, or their industries in taking action on climate change. We serve especially the many people who are convinced that climate change is a real and serious issue, but […]

Starhawk’s using Meadow’s system analysis on Lebanon

While the Bombs Fall By Starhawk While the bombs fall in Lebanon, I¹m teaching a two-week course in permaculture: regenerative, ecological design, with a schedule so demanding that I find it hard to check email every day, let alone watch the news. But it comes in, between lesser messages about leaks in the watering system […]