Presidential Race 2008

Posted by Kimberly:

One Page and One Poll 

Things are starting to happen with the Presidential 2008 race.

Oh! You don’t think I mean Obama and Hillary announcing, do you? They are all just part of the duopoly illusion.

I mean real things. Things related to greens and people of peace. I mean news and decisions and issues being raised that people who read this blog will care about.

On The Wilderside just set up a whole, new page listing Presidential Candidates. It happened partly in response to the fact that Wikipedia (a site we love) has a main president’s page which won’t list “draft” candidates until the candidates announced. We want every possible choice listed. It also happened because the ’08 presidential race is the next big project on the statewide green scene in New York.

Our page is listed above, or go to here: The People’s President Page

Here is the poll:

DemoChoice Web Poll: Green Party Presidential Candidates

The IRV poll of some high-profile Green Party presidential candidates is unofficial, and not connected to Wilderside or the Green Party. Though, it will be fun to see who comes out on top.

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