Tell Senator Schumer Wrongful Convictions Matter!

Despite the fact that the State of New York leads the country in wrongful convictions with 10 murder exonerations in the past year, our senator still supports the death penalty. Senator Schumer supports expanding the use of the Federal Death Penalty and limiting the rights of defendants who receive the death penalty in a state trial from seeking relief from the Supreme Court. This past week on ‘Charlie Rose,’ he said that the ACLU was too concerned with letting the guilty go in order to protect a single innocent person

He needs to hear from his constituents that he is out of step with his state. Polls have consistently shown in the last three years that New Yorkers prefer life without parole to the death penalty by a 20 percent margin.

Please let Senator Schumer know that he should be concerned with wrongful convictions and should support the elimination of the death penalty in the Federal Government and the state of New York.

Just click on the link below. It will send you to a page on his website that allows you to email him about any issue. When you are done, please send us a copy at .

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