Stop the Democrats’ pro-war treachery

A green and research librarian points people to the following site to study the bills before Congress. Please keep checking for more information: 


A message sent to greens and to anti-war list-serves:

Come on! We need help. We need the careful and wise among us to look closely at these alleged anti-war bills and deconstruct them.

I believe that one of the alleged anti-war bills (which are really only an anti-BIGGER-WAR-bills), has language that may actually have Congress retroactively approve of this war.

(If you recall, some Democrats claimed in the past they did not vote FOR war, just voted to give Bush the power to declare it. Some of this new language looks like Congress is going a step further to say,  “YES the war was good, YES we support the war now, and YES we support the troops now (by keeping them in the trenches), we ONLY disapprove of a surge.”)

I think some of these bills are actually dangerous to pass.

We need analyses. We need lists. (I cannot find one place that lists clearly what are the options being floated.) I think that there is a John Warner-sponsored-amendment that would be a booby-trap to any bill.

Is the anti-war movement going to let all our work go down the tubes with one propaganda-style turn of phrase, and let the Democrats CONDONE WAR, and VOTE FOR WAR, by saying, “no surge…everything else is GREAT!!!” ???????

Come on. We need help.

Where are the true peacekeepers?

What we need:

~A list of all peace/anti-surge/war bills on the floor.

~Action alerts telling the anti-war movement what bills are truly worth supporting.

~A call…a demand…for the most progressive Democrats to shout down the nonsense and push forward their anti-war bills! (It will be hard to hear over the Democrat-sellouts and the President Bush press conference today.)

I am trying to find the information and I am lost. I should not be this lost. I am trying so hard. There is nothing in the news or even on progressive sites except for the Dem anti-surge spin on the one hand, and the Bush rah-rah talk on the other. So far, I see the war movement losing both ways (and only rolling over with a whimper…and its not even a whimper to its constituents…)

From a news report:

<<<In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said he has begun the process of bringing the House resolution up for a vote in his chamber in two weeks, on Feb. 27.

Reid said Tuesday the House language would be a model for the Senate version. “We support the troops, oppose the surge, perfect,” Reid said, summarizing the House resolution.>>

It’s not perfect. In fact, it is horrible. We must demand more.
Peace and struggle,
Kimberly Wilder

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