Playing Politics With the Iraq War Brings Out the Worst in the Duopoly

Written by Kevin Zeese

Both Parties Attempt to Shift the Blame to Iraqis Rather Than Accept Their Shared Responsibility for the Iraq Quagmire

One thing the Democrats phony end the war efforts have done is shown who the real peace movement is. Unfortunately the establishment media doesn’t get it or does not want to get it. They label groups that are essentially Democratic Party PACS,, VoteVets and unions, as the anti-war movement. These groups have provided cover to the Democrats to extend the war by supporting the Democrats approach (is it a surprise that Democratic leaning PACS support the Democrats?). The real peace movement, made up of thousands of local and national groups, has consistently opposed the Democratic strategy. See, e.g.

The Democrats will get a sense of their failure to fool the anti-war movement when demonstrations against them escalate this summer. Already more than 200 demonstrators have been arrested occupying the offices of Democratic legislators. This summer a coalition of peace organizations have announced a SWARM on Congress beginning on May 14 and extending through July 31 that will increase opposition to the Democrats failure to end the war. See In 2008 Democrats should not expect the peace movement to sit quietly if they run a presidential candidate who does not oppose the war and has not taken action to end the war. A Democrat who is weak on ending the war should expect anti-war activists to be protesting at their public events.

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