Voldemort is a Democrat?

I was puzzled when I saw this bumpersticker on the same car as a Hillary bumpersticker in New Paltz. You see in the world of bumperstickers, you usually only declare your party affiliation along with the name of a candidate when that candidate is from the other major party. For example, you wouldn’t see “Democrats for Hillary” or “Republicans for McCain”, the bumper sticker would merely say “Hillary” or “McCain” and it would be assumed that its owner is from the same party as the candidate. Party affiliation is usually declared when it is to prove that people from the opposite party endorse someone, such as “Republicans for Hillary” or “Democrats for McCain.” Therefore, a “Republicans for Voldemort” sticker would mean that Voldemort is a Democrat, who a whole bunch of Republicans are cross-endorsing.

The source of this slogan, appropriately enough, seems to neither support or deny this conclusion:

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