Tonite on Politics One radio: Presidential Issues 5/24/07

Tonight on Politics One, it will be HUGE. The topic….Health Care, Education, Social Security, Global Warming, Civil Rights, Taxes, and so much more!!!! You have the opportunity to learn more on the issues and also give your opinon. Presidential Guests and other Politicians are asked to come on and speak about various issues. So that means all you Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitution, Green, Independent and anyone else needs to call in and lets start talking!!! Show starts at 7:00 PM EST. The call in number is 718-664-6883. To listen live visit click on the schedule button at the bottom and wait until a big button comes up next to my picture that says LISTEN LIVE. A soon as it does click on that and begin listening!! If you have any questions feel free to write!!

-Daniel Myers
Politics One

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