Democracy: Latin America Leaps Ahead

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Change is the rule in today’s Latin America. The people are choosing to be creators of their own futures; they are bringing leaders to power, holding them accountable, and pressing for yet more democracy. They are forming new relationships based on ‘solidarity,’ the notion that for any to win, all must win.

Latin America Leaps Ahead is based on the three months I spent in La Paz, Cochabamba, Santiago, Caracas, Havana, and other centers of change in South America. I met with social movement leaders, community organizers, writers, dissidents, cooperative leaders and others, and found inspirational stories of the people of South America charting a new course for themselves.

In Argentina, factory workers restarted production after the economic collapse of their country caused the factory owners to walk away. The people of Cochabamba reclaimed their water system after it was sold off to a foreign corporation. Indigenous people are taking control over their land and their rights to practice their culture.

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I invite you to immerse yourself in the news from the south, which just might indicate some possibilities for us in the north.

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