Calling on the Spirit of Nature to Resolve the Broadwater Issue

Peter Maniscalco, Coordinator of Renew Community Earth (former Coordinator of the Stop Shoreham Campaign), will begin a vigil on Sunday, June 3, 2007 at the Wading River shore of L.I. Sound. June 3 is the anniversary of the great anti-Shoreham demonstration, which took place in this area in 1979. The vigil will end on July 7, 2007.

“The vigil’s purpose is to draw attention to my deeply held belief that the Broadwater project violates the Spirit of Nature,” said Maniscalco. “If The American spiritual-environmentalist John Muir were alive today, he would remind us that L.I. Sound is as holy as any church, sacred as any synagogue, spiritual as any mosque, and special as any temple. Muir would not tolerate placing an industrial facility in the middle of L.I. Sound, just as he wouldn’t tolerate placing an industrial plant in a church,” Peter Maniscalco continued.

In 1989 during the Shoreham battle, Pete lived for 55 days in his station wagon from February until Easter alongside Wading River Creek, facing the nuclear plant. “The Broadwater issue, like Shoreham, contains political, legal and spiritual components. It’s my gut feeling that now is the time for the spiritual component of the Broadwater issue to unfold,” he said.

Peter Maniscalco said, “I will spend 35 days on the shoreline of L.I. Sound to honor this majestic body of water through prayer and thanksgiving for the many gifts the Sound bestows on us all. It is my plan to call on the Spirit of Nature to help guide us to a resolution of the Broadwater issue.”

Maniscalco concluded with an outreach to Governor Spitzer: “If Governor Spitzer OK’s the Broadwater project, people from New York, Connecticut and elsewhere who love the Sound will all suffer a deep spiritual wound from which we will not recover.”

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