Dr. Kent Mesplay: A New Kind of President


Dr. Kent Mesplay: A New Kind of President 
by Andrew Moreno

Moreno: Focusing on another serious issue, there is a great divide among scientists and politicians about the seriousness of Global Warming and how it affects energy policy (fossil fuels). As President, what are your plans for reducing greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide?

Mesplay: Scientists are generally in agreement on the threats of Global Warming. There is somewhat of a political divide between the Democratic and Republican parties regarding the seriousness of Global Warming, although with Governor Schwarzenegger passing A.B. 32 in California to begin the regulation of carbon dioxide (drawing down state greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent by 2020) it is hopeful that other Republicans will begin to address this as a matter to be moved on with urgency.

At the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Milwaukee in 2004, I stated that the Green Party is not a single-issue party, but if it were, that issue would be Global Climate Change. It’s not just that scientists are concerned, but indigenous people such as the Hopi in the Southwest have been concerned about drastic changes observed in Nature. Our actions affect the weather. Nonlinearity in meteorological modeling means that weather events can become very interesting in a hurry. Doing what we can to reduce our carbon imprint by using more efficient devices and methods and by moving toward renewable energy such as wind and solar will not only give the planet breathing room but will directly help us become better suited to contend with abrupt changes that are all but inevitable.

Carbon taxes discourage wasteful combustion. Trading of emissions credits allows market forces to help us clean up our act. Part of my job as an air quality inspector is to be aware of pollutants coming from industry. In the near future, carbon dioxide will be regulated as just one more recognized pollutant accompanying other waste products of combustion. California and our country will benefit by developing “green” businesses and approaches that will be sought for purchase from such countries as India and China as their citizens become empowered and concerned for their own health.

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