Gold Star Mother Speaks Out

from Gold Star Mother Speaks Out

On May 29, 2004, I was living what I thought was an ordinary life. I had raised my only child on my own and I was enjoying watching him make his way through this world successfully and happily. On May 30, 2004, Ken was killed in a war that I never supported brought to this country by an administration I never supported. While many people say that casualties for have been relatively low, any number more than zero was too many for this war. Very few people have actually met a Gold Star Mom. It is important that people know what it feels like to be in my situation. I know not all Gold Star Moms feel as I do, I speak for myself, no one else. You cannot or do not want to imagine the process that the military goes through when a soldier is killed in combat, or any other situation. This is not a journey that any family should have to make. Welcome to my world.

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