Current Funding Scheme Is A Train Wreck

Help Get Amtrak On The Right Track

In a bi-partisan effort, Senators Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Trent Lott (R-MS) are co-sponsoring a bill that would improve our country’s (relatively poor) intercity passenger rail infrastructure.

Senate Bill 294, the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act, is important because it would, for the first time in US history, establish a federal funding formula for intercity passenger rail that is on par with other modes of transportation. Currently the federal government pays for 80-90% of the capital cost of road projects, 80% for airport projects, 30-50% for transit projects, but nothing for intercity passenger rail infrastructure outside of the money that goes to Amtrak to maintain the Northeast Corridor. States have been left to pick up the tab to pay for infrastructure upgrades for rail corridors like the Pacific Northwest corridor between Eugene, OR and Seattle, WA.

We encourage our readers to Drive Change and let Congress know that you support the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act. Emails are great, but we also encourage readers to call and send letters as well.

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