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Richard Winger has an excellent article (and) chart in this month’s Ballot Access News on how in the last 150 years there would have only been at most 7 candidates in a debate based on the Rock the Debates criteria of being able to achieve a majority of Electoral votes.


Rock the Debates is a 527 devoted to opening the debates up to all candidates, we are non-partisan

What is Rock the Debates?


Never before in American history has it been more vital to have an open, honest, and innovative examination of America’s problems and solutions.

The best way to sparking the minds of Americans is to open up the presidential debates beyond the Democrat and Republican parties. Rock-the-Debates seeks to include third parties who will energize the presidential debates placing their ideas into the mix, without endorsing or opposing any particular candidate. We just want the ideas out and let the American people decide.

You can play a key role in this unprecedented, historical endeavor.

The idea is to get the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates to commit to debate third party candidates.

How? We’ll ask them to debate, get the clip on video, and place it on You-Tube. Folks in places like New Hampshire can play a key, historic, pivotal role in making this happen.

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