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Daily Greens: Presidential Forum

These are my personal opinions. I am a Green Party member, so at some point I will probably have influence on the choice or maybe get elected a delegate. But, for now, these are just personal impressions, and weighted heavily with information from how the candidates did tonight.

I know the list of candidates is long, so this may be somewhat unfair, but I am going to put the candidates in order of speaking, but putting candidates who seem to have a very slim chance of getting the nomination towards the end. (And, with the VP candidate first, since there is only one VP candidate so far.)

On a scale of 1 to 10…

Kinamo Curry – (For Vice Presidenti 2008) Curry gave an uplifting speech with some nice moments.  Spoke about how each of us can be ambassadors for change, and ambassadors to promote the Green Presidential candidate. Reminded everyone of the importance of ballot access and monitoring voter fraud.
Overall presentation tonight: 8 / Chance of being “the VP candidate”: 8

Jared Ball – Washington, DC. ” We need to revive the true, radical politics that is inside all of us.” Ball is an excellent and motivational speaker. His message and strategy were in line with green values.
Overall presentation tonight: 9 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 8

Mike Jingozian . He is a Libertarian. He spoke about fighting for what you believe in, and reminded us that Abraham Lincoln was a third party candidate. I believe it is somewhat far-fetched that Greens would choose a Libertarian. But, maybe…Jingozian has a strong campaign and some green ideas.
Overall presentation tonight: 8 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 6

Jesse Johnson – West Virginia. I liked Johnson’s speaking style, simple and clear. He spoke about how hopeful the 60’s were with young people pouring into the streets, and that we need that again now. Articulated many of the concerns of greens, but almost sounded pessimistic. I think his speech needed some more solutions and hope. (Or, maybe saying the negative state of affairs is just so true, it has to be lamented.)
Overall presentation tonight: 8 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 8

Kent Mesplay – CA. Kent spoke well tonight. Gave the present to the crowd of allowing us to clap for all the candidates who participated in the 2004 campaign…Nader, Camejo, Cobb, LaMarche. Nice moment of healing. Kent ran last time around, so he has experience with the nomination system and primary system. Mesplay says a distinct point he wants to promote is that sustainability is a security issue.
Overall presentation tonight: 9 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 7.5

Gail Parker – VA. Parker is with an unaffiliated Green Party that competes with the GP-US affiliated party in her state. She implored that we “stop the oil wars.” Her main issue is wanting more rail for transportation. Said, we need a green government that is “Fiscally conservative and socially responsible.” Seemed to be suggesting Michael Bloomberg as a candidate for President.
Overall presentation tonight: 7 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 4

Average Joe Schriner – OH An independent who has run for President in the last 3 election cycles. He has to sell himself as a green, and did so in an amusing way (he will put solar panels on the White House and sell organic tomatoes through the front gates to pay down the national debt.) It was good to hear a potential Green Party candidate say simply that he is participating in government because he is a “concerned, midwestern, parent.”
Overall presentation tonight: 8 / Chance of being “the candidate”:
This just in, from my husband who stayed for the questions: Joe Schriner announced he switched to Green at 3pm today. So, hmmmmm…maybe he has a chance. Upgrade to 8.

Kat Swift – TX. Kat has worked on Green Party work at the local, state and national level for many years. Though, she is still the youngest person who could run for the office of President. She had a good presentation, and it was nice to hear her cite the 30% she received in a local race.
Overall presentation tonight: 8 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 8

Sheila Bilyeu – Notes that she was born with a “B” on her forehead. Had some good points, but some things that were challenging to understand, such as promising to use the government’s technology to control weather to use for good instead of evil.
Overall presentation tonight: 5 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 3

Dan Imperato – MA. Talked about social responsibility and making the earth a better place. Stated he was a “self-made man.” In the question session, he revealed that he was pro-life. That probably will not work for a Green presidential candidate.
Overall presentation tonight: 7 / Chance of being “the candidate”: 3

Jerry Kann – NY. Kann is not running for himself to be the nominee. Jerry asserts that “No one has done more for the Green Party by far than Nader.” Jerry used his time and is using his campaign to support Nader as the Green Party Presidential candidate.
Overall presentation tonight: 8 / Chance of being “the candidate”: n/a

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for this! This helped me get a better picture of who these candidates are and where they are coming from. I also expect to have a role in the selection process from Wisconsin and I feel like we are still waiting for something, anything, to happen with the candidates for the Green Party.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. We will have video of it up within the next week.


  3. You were far too kind to most of the candidates. Kinamo Curry and Jared Ball gave the best performances, and would make a decent ticket. Sheila Bilyeu is… Mike Jingozian and Dan Imperato are not Greens and should not be considered. Nor should Gail Parker. None of the current candidates are likely to win 5% of the vote. I hope that Cynthia McKinney will run as a Green; she has a realistic shot at the 5%, but no one else I’ve seen does. [editted]

  4. It is good that I don’t know the last name of Ted…He is ignorant about the Government and the amazing equipment that evil forces have to use. He should not be making mean comments about a person and situation that he knows nothing about.
    He seems to have no clue about what the mean elements of the military industrial complex can do to people that they fear will get power.

  5. I was born with and V (not B) on my forehead and called the Victory Baby; this evidently scared some people who lust for power and money and some have cause me a great deal of trouble; quite alot of people across the nation have heard of me and if more hear the truth and Greens plus other good citizens support me I think that we could win. My new website is sheilaforpresident.com


    Also, my website is sheilafor president.com

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